Aadhaar for LPG Gas Cylinder Connections

The Government of India is launching “Direct Transfer of Cash Subsidy to Domestic LPG customers” in the districts of Amravati, Nandurbar, Mumbai+Suburban, Pune & Wardha of Maharastra State and in the districts of East Nimar (thandwa), Harda & Hoshangabad of Madhya Pradesh State.

All the domestic LPG customers will then get subsidy directly in their Aadhaar linked bank account for 6 LPG cylinders per financial year only, if they provide:

1. Aadhaar Number

2. Link their Aadhaar Number to their Bank Account

If you have an Aadhaar letter and a savings bank account linked to your Aadhaar Number => Go to your LPG Distributor and submit it (for verification carry your Original Aadhaar letter)

aadhaar 1

If you have Aadhaar letter but do not have a savings bank account linked to your Aadhaar number = > Link your savings account  to your Aadhaar number by visiting your Bank = > Create your Aadhaar Registration Sheet  (as shown in Sample) => Go to your LPG Distributor and submit it (for verification carry your Original Aadhaar letter)

It you do not have your Aadhaar letter
 => Visit the Aadhaar Enrolment center in your area => Get your Aadhaar letter =>  Create your Aadhaar Registration Sheet  (as shown in Sample) => Go to your LPG Distributor and submit it (for verification carry your Original Aadhaar letter)

Addhaar in LPG marketing is expected to improve portability, increase competition, enhance customer satisfaction, streamline subsidy disbursement and reduce subsidy outgo.

1. At the time of enrolment Aadhaar number is validated through biometric and demographic authentication.
2. Customer places a refill request to the distributor through various channels.
3. The refill request is updated automatically or the distributor enters the same in the application.
4. Distributor loads the details of the day’s delivery into a PoS device.
5. The delivery boy carries the PoS device and filled cylinders to customer premises.
6. Aadhaar Authentication request of customer sent to CIDR (UIDAI system).
7. Online verification response from CIDR to PoS device, followed by receipt of empty cylinder, printing of cash memo and collects payment at market price against delivery.
8. The information from handheld device is uploaded into OMCs central system real time.
9. Central server sends a batch file at predefined frequency with Aadhaar Numbers of Customer (beneficiary) and subsidy amount to be paid to Sponsor Bank.
10. Sponsor Bank initiates cash transfer through NPCI Gateway to the bank account of the Customers.

More information at http://www.indane.co.in/aadhaar.php

LPG subsidy cash to be deposited in your a/c by July 2013! – Click Here for more information

For more detailed information on Aadhaar enabled Service Delivery – Click Here

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13 Comments on “Aadhaar for LPG Gas Cylinder Connections”

  1. […] Aadhaar for LPG Gas Cylinder Connections (consumerresources.in) […]

  2. […] Aadhaar for LPG Gas Cylinder Connections (consumerresources.in) […]

  3. A.S.N. Prasad says:

    The process of Aadhar registration is not the correct way. They should come to door to door and make it happen. Being called all the people at one place and ask them to wait for hours together and at the end of the day they are unable to complete half of them also. This is ridiculous procedure.

    • shaik khadar basha says:

      absolutely right. it is ridiculous as well as carelessness on the part of the administration not to forecast such situation.

  4. arjun mohan says:

    i can not find my aadhar status for lpg subsidy.pleaqse help me .

  5. varden james says:

    Why do you not ask the Reliance group of companies what’s happened to your subsidy, they want to link all Indian Citizen to their Companies’ benefit. Till then just wait and watch.There is nothing you can do. Have fun!!!

  6. Amit kumar yadav says:

    i am not get my aadhar card what am i submitting my net print copy of aadhar for this new rule of subsidi

  7. Bijon says:

    One his permanant resident is kolkata and his mother and Elder son staing there and LPG connection is his name. He presently residing at Mumbai with his wife and younger daughter. LPG connection is here also his name. my question if he can take LPG subsidy in both place with a same AADHAR CARD issued from Mumbai.

  8. krishnaa says:

    This seems to be a trick once again after (if) they come back to power these people will slowly reduce the subsidy for certain sections. In the end they will remove 70% of the people & retain only their vote banks. This is just another trick to decide the society. They r indirectly de-enfranchising, certain sections from certain benefits. At a later stage all these additionally criteria like creamy layer, backward, Eco-backward, this ‘Ty, that ‘Ty etc will be brought in to withdraw even these benefits.
    Just sit back & enjoy while our rulers take us on a merry go round. Must appreciate their creativity in squeezing the commoners in new & new innovative ways.

  9. NareN says:

    I DONT have aadhar card. can i register with bank alone with my savings bank account number


    my old bank axis bank i close my account new accaunt hdfc bank but your subshidi go my old
    close bank please send subsidi my new hdfc accaunt

    • balaji says:

      my grandmother is educated but she’s not put sign in his bank so the bank (sbi) is not gave a atm card but I gave a account number in gas agency now every time she going to bank withdraw a amount I want to close this account and open a new account how to do it this is possible in gas agency….

  11. vijaykumar kapse says:

    गँस एजन्सी जब आधार कार्ड लिंक कराये तो ग्राहक को आपना ग्राहक क्र., बँक खाता क्र., एक बार फोन करके निष्चित करे इससे गलत लिकिंग नही होगा. और ग्राहक को तकिलब भी नही होगी.

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