Soft Copy of Model Bye-Laws

Soft Copy of Model Bye-Laws for Co-operative Housing Societies with amendments – 2012 by Prashant B. Uikey – Click Here

Co-operative Societies cannot ban pets

According to animal activists, pet owners encountering hurdles on this ground to rent an apartment have the country’s laws on their side. Manoj Oswal, animal welfare officer at the Animal Welfare Board of India, says: “The Animal Welfare Board has handled around 150 such cases in Pune in the last few years, where people have come to us with requests to intervene when their societies banned pets.

According to state laws, such as the Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Societies Act. there are absolutely no provisions for banning pets. A society by-law banning pets will not hold against national and state laws. In 90 per cent cases, we point this out to the society members and they immediately withdraw the ban.”

Click Here for the full story in the Indian Express

Common Co-operative Society Problems

Click Here for list of common co-operative society problems and solutions including :

  • How to register your society in Mumbai
  • Contact Details of State Co-operative departments in Mumbai
  • Maharashtra Co-operative Society Act, 1960 and Rules
  • FAQs
  • Transfers
  • etc. etc.

by J.B.Patel (Jeby)

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