Is Your Pill Fake ?

If you need to check whether the pills you are taking are genuine or not, PharmaSecure is the answer. The company is determined to fight drug counterfeiting, especially in developing countries.

PharmaSecure is a global innovator in drug authentication technologies and software, creating effective solutions to ensure consumers receive authentic medications from trusted pharmaceutical manufacturers in emerging markets.   Founded in 2007, PharmaSecure is a fast-growing company offering services in the United States, Europe, India, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

PharmaSecure’s core products and solutions include:

  • Integrated Serialization Systems – PharmaSecure provides a complete suite of serialization and hardware integration services to print unique codes directly onto the drug packages for regulatory or authentication purposes.
  • Mobile Authentication –  The global leader in SMS authentication, PharmaSecure allows consumers to authenticate medicines by mobile phone. Click Here for the Android App
  • Customized market data- PharmaSecure “turns the lights on” in emerging markets through realtime and historical visualizations of consumer needs and opportunities to address these needs.
  • Customized intuitive software and hardware solutions – PharmaSecure’s user-driven solutions support marketing decisions and secure supply chain.


The pharmaceutical industry has experienced phenomenal growth in emerging markets.  Likewise, the associated counterfeit drug industry continues to grow, capturing about $75 billion of the global drug market and killing or harming many consumers. It is a global problem with heavy consequence to people of limited resources in emerging markets. By addressing this problem by facilitating a link between consumers and manufacturers, PharmaSecure’s approach creates immense value for consumers and manufacturers.

Click Here for their website and Click Here for the Android App. If you wish to verify your medicine online – Click Here

Save Money on Medicines – Go Generic

Medicines are prescribed by brand name & not by the generics (Ingredients) . Hence we end up paying more money for the same medicine. 
Follow these few steps to know more & start saving on your medical bills. 
1. Log on to 
2. Click on ‘Drugs’
3. Click on ‘Brand’
4. Type the brand name which you are using (e. g. Metocard XL (50 mg). The site will also help you with drop down menu) & Click on ‘Search’
5. Click on ‘Generics’. It will display the ingredients of the tablet.
6. Click on ‘matched brands’
7. Don’t be surprised to see that same drug is available at very low cost also. And that to by other reputed manufacturer. 
e. g. Metocard XL 50 is for Rs. 62.00 & same drug by Cipla (Mepol) is 
 available ONLY @ Rs. 7.00