Govt. of India – Consumer Welfare website

Consumers are one the most important resources of the country and the Government of India is committed to guarantee their welfare and protect their rights. The Department of Consumer Affairs- External website that opens in a new window under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution is responsible for this task. Sometimes, after buying a product or service, consumers may feel cheated for reasons such as being charged more than the Maximum Retail Price (MRP), getting less than what they paid for, the product being defective and so on. Most people are unaware of the procedure to seek redressal and leave things as they are. Consumers need to wake up and take action against such businesses, which they believe to be non genuine. To ensure this, the government has taken various measures like the enactment of the Consumer Protection Act- External website that opens in a new window, launch of the ‘Jago Grahak Jago- External website that opens in a new window‘ campaign and Standardization of Weights and Measures- External website that opens in a new window.

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RTI Application formats

Three activists – Ashish Mhatre, Krishnaraj Rao and G R Vora – have put up an online bank of successful applications to help people use the RTI Act effectively. Just browse through the list available, click on the one of your need, and find links to successful applications to be used as a format for your own. It is very simple to use and will go a long way in making your own applications successful. Click Here for the links

The list includes the following titles :

  • Employment
  • Railways
  • Area Development Funds of Corpo-MLAs-MPs
  • Waste Management and Cleanliness
  • Blank RTI Application and Appeal Forms – Annexure A, B and C
  • BMC Accounts – Finance
  • LMC – Ludhiana Mun. Corporation
  • MTDC – Maharashtra Tourism Development. Corporation
  • Village Panchayat
  • BMC – Bom Mun Corporation – Hoardings
  • PWD (Public Works Dept) Maha Govt
  • Passport
  • Home Ministry ( Maha. Govt.)
  • BMC – Roads
  • Finance Ministry (Maha Govt.)
  • GAD (Maha. Govt.)
  • Maha. Govt. ( Legislatures )
  • Education
  • Bombay High Court
  • Maha Govt – Co-op and Textiles Ministry
  • Dairy Commissioner (Maha. Govt)
  • Mumbai Collector Office
  • BARC – Bhabha Atomic Research Centre – Mumbai
  • CM’s Relief Fund
  • Bldg Plans Permissions etc
  • BMC Circulars – List of PIOs and APIOs – 3.9.2010 onwards.pdf

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Do service centres authorized by car insurers overcharge?

There can be enormous difference in the insurer-authorized service centre estimation as compared to the roadside repair shops. Is itjustified? Are insurance companies being fleeced which means you end-up with higher premium?

Imagine an ICICI Lombard-authorized service centre giving quote of Rs44,390 for labour and parts when you could have roadside shop fix your Honda City for only Rs5,000. It happened for one customer and hence it leads to the question whether insurance companies are ripped off by service centres they have tied up with? If so, are you paying extra premium to compensate for the profits made by the service centres? We know of some hospitals overcharging when you declare that you have a health insurance policy. If your car needs treatment, why should you expect authorized service centres behave anything different than hospitals?

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Birla Sun Life Insurance fined for violations

IRDA has penalised Birla Sun Life Insurance Company a paltry Rs6 lakh for a slew of violations, some serious including using unlicensed entities to sell insurance

The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) had detected 22 irregularities in the functioning of Birla Sun Life Insurance Company (BSLI) but penalised it a paltry Rs6 lakh for two of the violations. What is most pertinent is that it took the regulator around a year and a half, from the date of its first inspection letter (22 November 2010), to pass the judgement (13 April 2012).

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One Second Billing Mandatory

“It has been observed that per second billing system is more acceptable among majority of the subscribers, because it ensures that subscribers pay only for the actual usage,” said TRAI

The Telecom Regulator Authority of India (TRAI) has made it mandatory for all telecom service providers to offer at least one, per paisa per secondtariff plan. The sector regulator has also allowed telecom operators to have up to 25 different tariff plans, in total. Consumer organisations have lauded the move stating that it will brings more clarity in tariff plans. But they pointed that such plans need to be popularised as they are deliberately kept away from the users.

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