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  1. request you to forward the address of the registrar of the housing society office to forward the form no.1 Audit Memo Form No. 28 along with auditors report & balance sheet & profit & loss a/c of the co-operative housing society

  2. I really appreciate the initiative made

    I would like to understand, you all also get involved if there be any help required to sort out the issues

    like, I have issue with some redevelopment of existing building.
    May I expect some kind of help to sort the issue ?

    Await Reply

    Best Regards

  3. This id about garage sale.
    Builder did notorised agreement for sale in 1995 to a company who purchased two flats in same building..in 2001 after society formed company sold two flats in 2003 and 2006 resp.but retains right of this garage.this garage was build by builder even after full fsi co:nsumed and garage is part of buildin
    But the company keep on telling
    That they r having regd.deed..when we demanded maitainace they did regd.document without society permission and then paid maintaince in 2013.i request u to send me all document regarding parking.ex.consumer court case ( thane case)verdict
    Since i dont have it.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful informative site.

    Would be oblige if you can let me know whether builder has any control post formation of society toward allotment / selling of parking space to owner. As a act what action can be taken by committee member on Builder and Owner

  5. thanks for the information

    i also need to know about nominee changes

    one of our member expired 8 years back and his nomination process is incomplete
    now his wife is claiming for the membership , whether society can trasfer the membership
    please advise

    rajendra nagar shreeji chs ltd , rajendra nagar, borivali east
    v s angolkar

  6. Sir,
    Good Morning ,

    I have few doubts regarding CHS Redevelopment  issues & will be obliged if replied conveniently :-

    On 10th jan we received minutes of SGM meant for REDEVELOPMENT held on 30 th Nov.2014 i.e. after 40 days .The subjects kept on agenda was much more than required as specified in guidelines for conducting Redevelopment SGM Discrepancies found in minutes are as follwing :
    1 ) Ours is 40 member society,out of which 2 flats were not yet allotted to any one by Mhada  & in conveyance Mhada was shown as member of these 2 flats.
              Secretary has declared one member as Inactive member ,as he is a defaulter & not attended any AGMin past.(Without complying the procedure of giving notice etc.i pressume so.
              Thus he considers total members of Society as 37.He has given Associate membership to 3 such members whose name doesn’t appear in the title agreement.Altogether 29 members were shown present which includes these 3 associate members also.

    1 ) Committee has distributed 2 different minutes  of so called SGM bifurcating one wherein all  3 point required for Redevelopment were mentioned .
    2 ) All other subjects of routine matters were kept in second half session of SGM.Even again attendance of second half was given.
    3 ) While discussing on name of PMC the resolution was just proposed & seconded.They forgot to put the same for voting. They have not mentioned whether it was passed unanimously or majority.In video also putting the same to vote is not seen.
         Sir, my questions are :-
    1 ) Appointment of PMC can be challenged if the same was not put for vote.
    2 ) Whether Associate Membership given to those “whose name doesn’t appear in Agreement” is legal ?
    3 ) Can member  be declared Inactive before completion of 5 years from 2013 when amendment 97 came in to force ?
    How a member can be so deprived of  (without being heard )& his right to attend as a member.
    4 )  How 3/4 attendance of the meeting is calculated after  considering valid aspects about Mhada’s membership as 2 for 2 flats & Legal aspect about attendance of 3 associate Members.
    5 ) If we have substance to fight can we challenge resolution in CHS Court & stop the process ?
           Sir, please advise me on the ground of of above facts & figures.Reference of  latest GR if membership stands void.What all steps should we take to stop illegal minutes affirming illegal attendance & on resolution not put to vote.
           Anticipating reply at your early convenience.
           Thanking you.

  7. Hello! I have a query. The son in law of the owner Mr. Kapil has been living with his wife, the daughter of the owner for a couple of months on the 1st floor flat in my building. The owner is living in his native place since then. Mr. Kapil keeps his children’s 2 bicycles chained in front of the building meter box which also is the entrance to our building restricting access to the meter box as and when needed. Whenever any other member is in need to access the meter box during power failure Mr Kapil expects the members to ring his bell to request him to come down to unchain the bicycles. On this issue he has had arguments with almost all the members on various occasions. I intend to write a letter to the Secretary/ Chairman regarding this issue but was wanting to know the Clauses/ Sections under Cooperative Hosuing Society Act which prohibits any member from keeping their personal belongings in the building passages as Mr Kapil demands to know when confronted him the bylaws in which it is mentioned that he cannot park his bicycles in building passages. Somebody told me that I should also make an NC for intimidation, wrongful restraint coupled with section 34 of the IPC as even his wife shares a common intention with him. Already some other member had made a written complaint to the Society on which the Society sent Mr. Kapil a notice asking him to remove the bicycles but he still hasn’t paid any heed to the notice. I will like to know the Clauses covering the issue and the punishment for not complying with law. I will also be addressing the letter to the Registrar. Kindly guide me in this problem at the earliest.

  8. Since Year 2000 I had a flat am admeasuring 750 Sq ft in a co-operative society in Mumbai. The bldg went for redevelopment in 2008 and I got a bigger flat admeasuring 1136 Sq ft in 2016.An Individual Agreement was drawn up in 2016 based on a DA which was signed in 2008. If I sell this apartment now and invest partial proceeds in a new apartment in another building what are the capital gains implications?

  9. Dear Sir, I have made several complaints to the Local Sub Registrar in regard to the society office using the payments I am making to settle other issues for which the payment was not issued for. Inspite of the acknowledgement mentioning clearly that the cheque’s are to be used for specific purposes and settlements. They continue to repeat this since last 6-8 months. The Maintenance charges are being settled in full as per billing however, once they use these payments to settle other bills like penalties, tax and various other settlements then the CAM charges are showing as outstanding, and then they are charging penalties on this. Can they actually use my payments as and how they like, and is this as per the bye-laws. Can there be a speedy redressal by the registrar’s office for this, since society are repeating the same mistake again and again, even though I have been warning them against this. Appreciate a response or maybe I can have a advocate to take care of this, can someone recommend me a lawyer who specializes in society issues from Thane west. Thanks/Ivan

  10. I live in Prathamesh Park society in Krishnanagar, Cinchwad, Pune. Few of the society members are parking four wheeler at common space. This space is for kids, senior citizen, ladies and for all for gathering, playing and walking but due to unauthentic capturing of this space by 5-6 flat owners it is leading to unsafe condition for all. Irrespective of complaint submitted to committee there is no action taken and it has been taken as granted that this common space is owned by these 5-6 group of members.

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