Be App Smart @Workplace – Using Technology and Online Apps to Boost Productivity at Workplace

My upcoming workshop @ Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – Be App Smart @Workplace – Using Technology and Online Apps to Boost Productivity at Workplace on 5th November 2015 – For more details –


Western Region

Be App Smart @Workplace

1000-1630 hrs : Thursday, 5 November 2015 : CII Western Region Office,

I A Modi Conference Room, Kakad Chambers, 132, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai – 18

It is impossible to imagine a time when people did not have Cell Phones or Internet Access. With the advancement of technology, the face of the world has been changing rapidly. From being a mere device to receive and make calls, the Mobile Phone along with the Internet have become an integral part of our lives. Today, mobile applications have made our entire planet almost boundaryless be it in our personal or professional lives. One can connect to any place on earth with, just a click on the mobile/PC/laptop. With the proliferation in devices and Operating Systems, many users find it difficult to track updates and be productive at the same time.
With this backdrop, CII is organising a full-day workshop on “Be App Smart @ Workplace”on Thursday, 5 November 2015, at its Western Region Office in Mumbai. The workshop seeks to addresses the long-felt need for working professionals to keep pace with the latest in technology to boost productivity at workplace. I am happy to share that I am conducting this session and would like invite you for the same. I look forward to participation at this workshop.


Who can attend? Beginners to intermediate working professionals with no prior expertise except usage of computers and mobile phones


Requirements for the workshop: Participants to carry personal smart phones / laptops with internet connection


Registration Fees  (per delegate inclusive of taxes, avail of group discount) : Member Rs 2000/    Non-Member Rs 3000/– 

To register please send us the attached reply form duly filled in. For online payment please click here



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How to make the right choice when buying a house

Buying a house is a big financial commitment. Don’t let an investment of Rs 50-60 lakh be influenced by freebies worth a few thousands.

When Arun Kumar Pathak booked a flat in Noida four years ago, the builder had promised to hand over possession within 18 months. He had even offered a hefty 9% discount if Pathak paid the entire amount up front. Not convinced, Pathak opted for a smaller 2% early bird discount and paid only 30% of the price at the time of booking.

“The rest 70% is payable only when I get possession,” he says with a sense of relief. That is because the project is still not finished and there is no saying when the project will be handed over.

Pathak was lucky, but thousands of other buyers are not. Delay in projects has become a common thing across the country. The best option of buyers is to opt for a construction linked payment plan under which they pay as work on the project progresses. This way you don’t lock up your money in a project that is not moving ahead.

This week’s story examines the arithmetic behind each payment option and explains which of these suits you best.

1. Construction-linked plan: Cushion buyers against delay in projects

2. 30:70 subvention plan – Requires a small 3 down payment

3. Subvention without loan: Rigorous due diligence required

4. Interest waiver on home loan: Cuts EMI burden

5. Assured rentals: Reduces cost of borrowing

Read the detailed analysis at:


Narendra Nathan

Credit Card Customer Can Refuse To Pay for Fraudulent Transactions

Failure to provide SMS alerts constitutes negligence on the part of the bank issuing the credit card, according to the South Mumbai District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (SMDCDRF).
Executive Airways was banking with Union Bank of India. The Bank issued a Visa credit card to Pradeep Kumar Thampi, the company’s director. Mr Thampi sent a letter to the Bank requesting for SMS alerts for transactions on the credit card. The Bank did not activate the service. During the period between 1 June 2011 and 4 June 2011, the credit card was fraudulently used for several transactions; but due to absence of SMS alerts, Mr Thampi did not get to know about it until he received the bill much later. He took up the matter with the Bank, disputing the transactions worth Rs4,65,855 in Paris. He proved that he was not in Paris at that time, as borne out by his passport. These were online transactions. Mr Thampi alleged that the fraud took place through duplication of his card by cloning. Mr Thampi was informed that Visa had not honoured the claim, so he must pay up for the disputed transactions. Yet, transactions worth Rs1,06,766 were reversed.
Mr Thampi filed a complaint before the SMDCDRF for quashing the disputed transactions. After overruling some technical objections on jurisdiction raised by Union Bank of India, the Forum concluded that the Bank had acted negligently, which constituted a deficiency in service as well as an unfair trade practice. The Forum quashed the demand of Rs3,59,588 for the disputed transactions and also the amounts for retrieval of charge slips. The Forum also directed the Bank to pay Mr Thampi Rs20,000 towards costs and compensation for harassment and tension.