How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era

Pia Mancini and her colleagues want to upgrade democracy in Argentina and beyond. Through their open-source mobile platform they want to bring citizens inside the legislative process, and run candidates who will listen to what they say.


No excuse for not checking your name on the electoral rolls

Better hurry, only a day left to register!

To check if your name is on the Electoral Rolls, follow our easy step by step guide.

Special Drive for Voter Enrolment

Another Opportunity to register yourself as a Voter

Special Drive for Voter Registration

9th June to 30th June 2014


Mere possession of an Election Photo Identity Card is not sufficient but one has to ensure his name in the electoral roll. Therefore, please ensure your name in the electoral roll.
Please Note : It any elector’s name has got deleted from the electoral roll then he is requested to fill Form 6

  • Persons who complete 18 years on or before 01-01-2014 are eligible for enrollment
  • Persons whose names have been deleted from voters list but claim to be residing at same address can fill Form No. 6 alongwith proof to register themselves afresh.
  • Form can be submitted to the nearest Polling Stations or at Central Polling Station of assembly constituency. For details visit our website or call on call center number

Website :   Call : 1800221950

Mumbai City District :   Call : 1800221951

Mumbai Suburban District :                           Call : 26414100

Thane District :

For Search through SMS type <EPIC ID> <SPACE>< VOTER ID CARD 10 DIGIT NO> and send to 9869889966


Maharashtra Voter Registration Process

(Use & Share ahead) – Enrollment Period : From 9th to 30th June 2014

Request Your Support to Circulate Voter Registration Process within your Organisation to all Employees/ Peers  under Corporate Social Responsibility.
***Employers & Employees are tax payers to Government , and hence each one bears a moral responsibility tobe  Registered Voter of India  & Cast his/ her Vote in Government Elections***
2014 General Election , we came across many citizens who lost the opportunity to cast their vote & were left dejected seeing others voting & they being deprived from their Voting Right.

The reason for not getting to vote may be different for each, ex/-
1. Voter ID card available, but name missing from Voter list
2. Citizens unaware of the Voter process registration
3. Citizens unaware of the Election offices close to their residential area where they would go & submit their Voter Registration form.

The bottom line is that every citizen who missed to vote due to some or the other technical reason, can now make a effort to get the corrections done.

MAHARASHTRA STATE LEGISLATIVE  ASSEMBLY ELECTION is due in October 2014 , and each one of you residing in Maharashtra can now have a chance immediately to get his/her Voter Registration completed & cast your valuable Vote to select appropriate candidate for representation in Maharashtra elections.

With your good wishes Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) got complete mandate in Lok sabha. Your support to endorse Hon. Shri Narendra Modiji as Prime Minister of India indeed made a Difference. Your best wishes gave us the results in Lok Sabha , and we look forward  for similar support in Maharashtra State Elections for BJP , so that Centre & State can have a positive synergy & work effectively for efficient performance based results.



Voter Registration Process:
Step1 : Form to-be filled as per relevancy : (Forms are Downloadable Online).
Form- 6   : Application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll  (

Form- 7   : Application for objecting inclusion or seeking deletion of name in Electoral Roll (
Form- 8   : Application for correction to particulars entered in Electoral Roll                        (
Form- 8A : Application for transposition ( Transfer of Address )of entry in Electoral Roll      (
Form 18  : Claim for inclusion of name in the electoral roll for a Graduates’ Constituency ( /

Form 19  : Claim for inclusion of name in the electoral roll for a Teachers’ Constituency   ( / (

Step 2:
Attach Supporting Documents ( Proof  of Age & Residence Proof ) along with  2 recent photographs ( passport size)
* Photo copy of proof tobe Attested & then submitted.
* If  photo copies are unattested, please carry Original Documents  for validation along with photo copies. These documents will be verified by election office & then accepted .

List of Documents required for Proof of Age Document :
i) Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authorities or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths or Baptism certificate; or
ii) Birth certificate from the school (Govt. / Recognised) last attended by the applicant or any other recognised educational institution; or
iii) If a person is class 10 or more pass, he should give a copy of the mark-sheet of class 10 , if it contains date of birth as a proof of date of birth; or
iv) Mark-sheet of class 8 if it contains date of birth; or
v) Mark-sheet of class 5 if it contains date of birth; or
vi) A declaration in prescribed format given in Annexure-1 ( made by either of his parents if the person is not educated till class 10 (In those cases where parental declaration is given as proof of age, the applicant will have to be present himself for verification before BLO/ERO/AERO); or
vii) A certificate of his age given by a sarpanch of the concerned Gram Panchayat or by a member of the concerned Municipal Corporation / Municipal Committee, the person is not educated till class 10 and both the parents are not alive; or
viii) Indian Passport containing date of birth

List of documents required for “Proof of Residence”:
You are an ordinary citizen of the constituency if you have been residing in the constituency for 6 months or more. Fill up the full and complete postal address including PIN code where you are ordinarily residing and want to get registered, in the space provided.

Proof of ordinary residence to be attached are as under:
i) Bank / Kisan / Post Office current Pass Book, or
ii) Applicant’s Ration Card / Passport / Driving License / Income Tax Return filed or Assessment Order, or
iii) Latest Water / Telephone / Electricity / Gas Connection Bill for that address, either in the name of the applicant or that of his / her immediate relation like parents etc., or
iv) Postal department’s posts received / delivered in the applicant’s name at the given address.
v) Aadhar Card

Step : 3
Voter Help Center for Submission of Forms – Weblink : (Scroll down gives option for Districts, click on it , select your district & check for Election Office nearest to your residence)

Post submission of the relevant form , DO-NOT forget to take Acknowledgement Receipt of form submitted from the Election Officer . This receipt is very important as it will help to follow-up with the Election office in-case, Voter ID does not come in time .

In case of any further help required , please feel free to drop in a mail to me.

Thanx & regards
Divya Dholay
BJP Mumbai Secretary

Bhartiya Janata Party
Vasant Smruti, 3rd Floor, Dada Saheb Phalke Marg, Dadar( East),
Mumbai 400014
Tel : +91 (22) 24183141/3290/1692
email id : /