Why the 75% Drop in Global Oil Prices Isn’t Reaching You


Record production in the United States (US), weakened demand from the Eurozone and emerging economies like China and Brazil, and Iran’s entry into the international market have effectively slashed the price of crude oil for India, from $106 per barrel in July 2014 to $26 in January 2016 — a 75% drop over 15 months.

So, why are you not seeing evidence of this price-cut at your local petrol and diesel station? The answer: As global crude prices reach a 11-year low, the Centre and state governments steadily increase excise duties and value-added tax, shoring up their revenues and keeping fuel prices high for retail consumers.

Although India imports more than 80% of its fuel requirement, which means declining global prices should, theoretically, have seen sharp declines in retail petrol and diesel prices, Indian consumers of petrol and diesel now pay about double the global rate.

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So you know how to drive a car or ride a bike. But do you know your rights when and if you’re stopped by a traffic policeman?

There are different misconceptions about traffic rules and the common man is generally not aware of a lot of things and this is why they don’t understand what to do when stopped by traffic cops.

We got your back.  This article deals with various rights of commuters that will definitely help you in future.


1.  Cops cannot take away your driving license without giving you a valid receipt of the same.

2.  Cops cannot tow your vehicle as long as you are sitting in it.

3.  If you are a female or accompanied by a female and you are being stopped after 6pm you can always ask him to come with a female cop.

4.  The cop should have a challan book or the e-challan machine in hand in order to penalize you with a fine.

5.  If you have actually broken the law, and after making sure that the person is indeed a policeman, show your D/L, RC/Insurance to the policeman.

6.  One must know that the Cop must be a uniformed Cop with their name and buckle number clearly shown on their uniform.

7.  There is always a misconception that the traffic cop has the right to confiscate your vehicle keys but that’s not true.

8. If you have violated some law and if you are arrested, you must be informed of your rights immediately when you are arrested.

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Reduce Petrol/Diesel Prices


Global oil prices are dropping fast. Petrol and Diesel prices in India are rising. Where is the money going? Sign my petition to demand an answer from the Petroleum Minister.
News reports show that there is no excuse for high fuel prices. The Government increased petrol and diesel taxes three times in the last three months to prevent retail price drops.
Who benefits from global price drops?

– The Government gets a lot more tax
– The Petroleum companies make more profits
– Middle men and petrol pump dealers make larger commissions

Who does not benefit? The common, Indian citizen. We continue paying through our noses. Sign my petition to stop this injustice!
Increases in fuel prices impact the country’s economy and inflation. Everything that relies on transport is more expensive. Why is the Government exploiting the common man like this?
We are taxpaying citizens and we deserve an answer. If enough of us speak up, we can get the Government to respond to us and drop petrol and diesel prices.
Sign and share my petition with everyone you know -> https://www.change.org/p/reduce-petrol-diesel-prices?recruiter=41888281

Rajat Nagpal



What to do after a car accident?

Things can get chaotic very fast after a car accident, but following some basic steps can help improve your situation.

With the rapidly increasing number of cars on the road, the likelihood of being in a car accident increases too. To mitigate the damage caused, it’s important you are well informed of the procedure to follow after such an event has occurred. This infographic is dedicated to educate how to tackle any such unfortunate incidents.


Take Public Grievances Online

Conscious citizens have been empowered by online grievance platforms. Use them!

Alot of things are wrong with our roads. We grumble about it and then move on, because ‘things will never change’. That’s not correct anymore. And the reason for this is simple—two of the three priority areas for the present government are: public grievances and Centre-state relationships. Both of these, in turn, impact us as owners and operators of motor vehicles in India. I am narrating personal experiences over the past few weeks.

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Traffic can be stopped only for President, Vice President and Prime Minister

We all witness halting of traffic when all grades of ministers, with red beacon lights on their cars and cavalcade of several vehicles, pass through the road. RTI reveals this is illegal! The RTI activist also raised the issue before the Human Rights Commission

Most urban cities have one more sore point for traffic besides vehicle congestion and that is halting of traffic whenever any VIP passes by, often with a cavalcade of vehicles behind him. The common commuter is stranded, sometime for a long time.

While all grades of ministers lavishly enjoy this VIP treatment on roads, Jammu-based noted Right to Information (RTI) activist Deepak Sharma has procured information under RTI, which comes as a pleasant surprise.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in reply to an RTI filed by Sharma revealed that the traffic on roads can be stopped only in the case of movement by the President of India, the Vice President of India, the Prime Minister of India and visiting foreign dignitaries who are given President/ PM level security cover.

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Get vehicle information in Maharashtra

To Get Information of the owner and other deatails of Any Vehicle in Maharashtra in case of hit and run, rash driving and bad behaviors taxis, autorickshaw & bus drivers as well as in case of accidents and emergencies.

MH-01 : Mumbai (South)

MH-02 : Mumbai (West) Andheri West
MH-03 : Mumbai (East) Anik-Wadala
MH-04 : Thane
MH-05 : Kalyan
MH-06 : Raigad
MH-07 : Sindhudurg
MH-08 : Ratnagiri
MH-09 : Kolhapur
MH-10 : Sangli
MH-11 : Satara
MH-12 : Pune
MH-13 : Solapur
MH-14 : Pimpri-Chinchwad
MH-15 : Nashik
MH-16 : Ahmednagar
MH-17 :Shrirampur
MH-18 : Dhule
MH-19 : Jalgaon
MH-20 : Aurangabad
MH-21 : Jalna
MH-22 : Parbhani
MH-23 : Beed
MH-24 : Latur
MH-25 : Osmanabad
MH-26 : Nanded
MH-27 : Amravati
MH-28 : Buldhana
MH-29 : Yavatmal
MH-30 : Akola
MH-31 : Nagpur
MH-32 : Wardha
MH-33 : Gadchiroli
MH-34 : Chandrapur
MH-35 : Gondia
MH-36 : Bhandara
MH-37 : Washim
MH-38 : Hingoli
MH-39 : Nandurbar
MH-40 : Wadi/Nagpur (rural)
MH-41 : Malegaon
MH-42 : Baramati
MH-43 : Navi Mumbai/Vashi
MH-44 : Ambejogai
MH-45 : Akluj
MH-46 : Panvel
MH-47 : Borivali, Mumbai
MH-48 : Thane/Virar
MH-49 : Nagpur
MH-50 : Karad (Satara Rural)
MH-51 : Nashik Rural

We can now know the ownership details of a vehicle using the Vehicle registration number instantly through SMS.

Send a SMS to 07738299899 typing: vahan

For eg. If you want to find a owner of  a car with no :  MH12TM9999 [any random no. ]
Then send sms vahan MH12TM9999 to 07738299899. You will get details in seconds.

Useful in case of Accidents…..
– Hit and run cases.
– Rash drivers on the road.
– Catching  Auto, taxi and Bus drivers