How to Save Fuel

Petroleum accounts for 40% of the worlds’ energy consumption. In these days of high inflation, what better way to be eco-friendly than to increase our car’s mileage.

  • Improve your driving skills
  • Maintain your car better
  • Fuel Saving and Other Long Distance Driving Tips

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Supreme Court bans sun films

The new Supreme Court ruling put a blanket ban on usage of tints or any visual light transmission (VLT) accessory that would reduce occupant visibility from outside. Ruling on a PIL filed by one Avishek Goenka against illegal activities involving cars, the supreme court said that any such accessory except the OEM tints, is against provisions of the CMVR (Central Motor Vehicles Act).

Motorists driving with window tints shall be fined Rs 500, and the constable/officer has the right to remove tints on the spot. The car can be impounded if the owner objects – a dangerous power that is being handed over to the police, who will not have any sympathies for cars with rear defoggers whose wiring is likely to get damaged if the sun film is removed improperly.

Even if the films on the car were legal earlier, they are illegal now.

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Why car package-deals are actually a rip off

If you’ve been scouring the market for a new car, you may have come across attractive offers – club the car purchase with insurance and car loan and get a fabulous deal. Car dealers usually have tie-ups with an insurance company as well as a financing firm and tend to push the products which fetch them a good margin. They typically bundle these three products and entice customers with the prospect of discounts on the package deal. But do these discounts really translate into savings for you? Not really. In fact, the opposite may be true.

If the dealer claims to give a good discount on the insurance premium, he would usually make up for it on some other component of the package – for instance lower discount on the price of the car. Similarly, the dealer may choose to factor in a discount from the car manufacturer which is meant to be offered to the customer into the loan cost. This makes the EMIs appear lower than the stand-alone rate offered by banks. But this also means you end up losing out on cash discount on the down-payment for the car. You don’t really save because the cost is built into the package to make sure the dealer recovers a stipulated amount.

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