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Make sure it’s fortunes do not land up in the hands of greedy pawar (sorry, power) brokers.

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Tenants of buildings under redevelopment are consumers

CONSUMER AS KING – Tenants of buildings under redevelopment are consumers

More and more old and dilapidated buildings are going in for redevelopment. The builder makes money by selling flats to new purchasers, but considers it onerous to provide accommodation to the existing tenants without charging money . Since free services are excluded from the purview of the Consumer Protection Act, would the tenants be entitled to file a consumer complaint for deficiency in service against a builder?

The national commission allowed Jagdishbhai’s case, holding that he was a consumer, entitled to file a complaint against the builder for deficiency in service.

Jehangir B Gai

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Latest Model Bye Laws, MCS Act and Election Rules as on September 2014

Enclosed herewith are the latest Model Bye-Laws for Co-operative Housing Societies under the Maharashtra State Co-operative Societies Act, duly amended (upload date 8/10/2014 (version dt. 2-9-2014))

Model Bye Laws of Coop Housing Society New Flat owner Type (2-9-14)

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Latest amendments made on 30th Aug,2014  to the MCS Rules, 1961

Financial Frauds in Co-Op. Housing Societies

This article deals with certain naked and stunning facts about the Economic and Fiscal Mismanagement in many Housing Societies about the wilful suppression of various financial affairs which are never brought by any of the Office Bearers to the knowledge of the innocent and gullible Members of the Society.

To recourse such fraudulent management of Society’s fund, once the audit is done the Members can appoint outside chartered accountant to scrutinize the Audited Accounts if they feel that there is any misappropriation. To prevent frauds, Members should meet Office Bearers at least once a month for informal discussions on Society matters.

The Section 83 of MCS Act stipulates that the financial loss incurred by the Society on account of fraudulent acts of the Office Bearers is recoverable and punishable offence. The Members can complaint to Dy. Registrar of Co-op. Dept. under Section 83 for investigation and recovery of losses caused to the Society. To complain under Section 83, 1/3rd of the Members signature is required as per the Act on the complaint letter.

Thus, if one third of the Members of a Society make request to the Dy. Registrar to hold an inquiry regarding its financial mismanagement, the Officer or his Nominee is duty bound to conduct such an inquiry. The Dy. Registrar may direct the complainants to deposit a sum of nominal amount with him and this amount can be forfeited if the allegations made against the Office Bearers turns out to be malicious.

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Election tenure of co-op housing society

Sub-Section 4 of Section 166 inserted by the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies (Amendment) Act 2013:

“(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, as amended by the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Act, 2013, but subject to the provisions of sub-section (15) of section 73CB, the committees of which the elections become due after the 31st March 2013, shall continue till the elections to such societies are held under the provisions of this Act as amended by the said Act.

Hopefully new State Government will attend the above unfinished agenda expeditiously i.e. before March 31 2015 so new cooperative year has a new Committee.

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AGM for 2013-14

Scheduled time limit of 30.09.2014 for AGM is over for ALL the Co-operative Housing Societies in Maharashtra.

IF your Society MC has not conducted AGM on or before 30th September, THEN move an simple application, before your coop. ward Registrar, stating this fact with a prayer to disqualify the MC, for FIVE years and further to levy a Penalty of Rs. 5,000/-, under section 75(5) of the MCS Act-2013.
It was even mandatory to videoshoot the AGM as per “Video Shooting for AGM – Circular dated 15.03.2010 from Co-operative Commissioner & Registrar, Pune.” Lodge a separate complaint attaching a xerox copy of the above circular. Pray U/s. 79 A (3) for dismissal and disqualification of the MC for non-compliance of Govt.Order.
J.B.Patel – Jeby
RTI & CHS Activist



Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day – a counterpoint

Flipkart recently announced The Big Billion Day sale on 6th October 2014 as an equivalent to the Black Friday sale in the USA. Lots of people are excited about it. They claim to give 30%-90% discounts on most products. They claim some of the categories of products on sale are clothing, perfumes, phones, laptops, etc. So I decided to check out whether these claims of discount is real or not. Thanks to “Compare Hatke” chrome extension from BuyHatke, we can understand how the prices were in the last few days and whether they have suddenly increased or not! I’m taking totally unrelated items to show the price comparison here..

Swayam Doublesheet which has been consistent at around Rs.1124 for over a month now, has suddenly shot up to Rs.1500. Tomorrow they might show a 30% discount and reduce it to original price!

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