AGM for 2013-14

Scheduled time limit of 30.09.2014 for AGM is over for ALL the Co-operative Housing Societies in Maharashtra.

IF your Society MC has not conducted AGM on or before 30th September, THEN move an simple application, before your coop. ward Registrar, stating this fact with a prayer to disqualify the MC, for FIVE years and further to levy a Penalty of Rs. 5,000/-, under section 75(5) of the MCS Act-2013.
It was even mandatory to videoshoot the AGM as per “Video Shooting for AGM – Circular dated 15.03.2010 from Co-operative Commissioner & Registrar, Pune.” Lodge a separate complaint attaching a xerox copy of the above circular. Pray U/s. 79 A (3) for dismissal and disqualification of the MC for non-compliance of Govt.Order.
J.B.Patel – Jeby
RTI & CHS Activist




10 thoughts on “AGM for 2013-14”

  1. I have a question, Our society did have the AGM on the 6ts of Sept 2014 at 11.30am and on the same day I had submitted an application to add a point to the agenda under any other matter with the permission of the chair in writing at 10.20am to the society Manager.
    The topic was initially not raised, but later with the permission of the chair was taken up and addressed to the general body. The members of the General body passed the topic in majority.
    The same topic has not been mentioned in the draft minutes of the meeting, kept in the society office and not yet circulated. I have also noticed that the Minutes have certain details added that never took place in the meeting.

    My question is that what is the time line to circulate the minutes as it has been over 30 days since the meeting took place and it seems that the Mang. Committee is delaying in circulating the minutes for reasons best known to themselves. And as there was no Video recording done of the meeting, can I file a complaint with the Dy. Registrar and also a Pray U/s. 79 A (3) for dismissal and disqualification of the MC for non-compliance of Govt.Order.

    Thanks in advance and look forward to your reply.
    Latesh C.

  2. Thanks for the posting especially to all because always we get information, Knowledge on the co-operative housing society & other things related with the same.

    This time I have one inquiry regarding the PARKING CHARGES.

    Our Society MC is collecting Parking Charges for the Parking in the place outside the premises compound. Actually our Society is of MHADA Bldg No. 24. In that there are 3 wings & having 3 different regd Hsg Societies wingwise. Few years before all 3 societies have cleaned back side land of the Bldg which is occupied by MHADA ( known as collector Land ) & started parking of cars owned by the society members. To go to that place all 3 societies have put one Gate by breaking compound wall of the premises at one side. so the vehicles are passing to the place by entering the premises compound. Thereafter our socities have started collecting Parking Charges from the members of only our societies. Other 2 socieites are not collecting such charges from their members. so my inquiry is it correct to collect such Charges as PARKING CHARGES on the vehicles parked outside the premises compound.

    My suggestion to the Society in the Recent AGM was to collect only 1/3rd portion of the actual Expenditure they have incurred for the cleaning the place as the place is used by members of all 3 Societies.

    Please reply your opinion to this inquiry with supporting like society bye-laws or any other court orders.

    Awaiting your reply.

    THANKS & REGARDS. UMESH THAKUR 9869617253 / 9769600344

  3. can a meeting be termed as AGBM just because of sending /serving notice 14 days in advance and complying the deadline before 30th Sept 2014 when the said meeting fails to mention in the agenda or does not transact the following mandatory business???
    I. ACCOUNTS NOT AUDITED FOR F.Y 20019-10,2010-11 and 2011-12
    II. AUDITOR not APROVED as per MCS Act for F.Y 2012-13

    Can a prayer be made still U/s. 79 A (3) for dismissal and disqualification of the MC for non-compliance of Govt.Order.???

    Hemant ji / J.B.Patel – Jeby
    ????? your comments please

  4. Our socy is located in pune

    Recently the management committee actually forgot and failed to hold the agm before 30th sept
    Now after the undersigned moved an application to dy registrar calling for disqualification of entire management committee under byelaw 93 and further also prayed to be penalised as per sect 75 (5) of the mcs act
    But the mc after realising their mistake are declaring to unit holders they have paid the fine of rs 5000 and can continue in office…which is false
    Further on 11th october yesterday they held an sgm for appointment of auditor for 2014-15
    Isnt this proof enough of their failure to hold agm before 30th sept and thereby be first disqualified wef 1st october
    They are now delibrating that the mc took charge april 2014 and the previous mc delayed in handing over documents and accounts to them
    Can this reason be justified for their pardon
    It was mandatory to hold the agm before 30th sept and the mc could have pleaded their inability to produce audited accounts for whatever reasons and taken permession from agm for extension and adjourned the agm… this would have been fair enough
    Can the mc be disqualified based on above facts

  5. Is the audio/video recording circular also applicable for an SGBM of a society, or it is only mandatory for AGM ? can someone pls. clarify

  6. Can the Chairman fight legal case for the society as advocate and charge legal fees to the society?

  7. girish dhakesays:
    October 12, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    what was the out come of your application to Dy registrar on non calling of AGM by your MC.

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