Get vehicle information in Maharashtra

To Get Information of the owner and other deatails of Any Vehicle in Maharashtra in case of hit and run, rash driving and bad behaviors taxis, autorickshaw & bus drivers as well as in case of accidents and emergencies.

MH-01 : Mumbai (South)

MH-02 : Mumbai (West) Andheri West
MH-03 : Mumbai (East) Anik-Wadala
MH-04 : Thane
MH-05 : Kalyan
MH-06 : Raigad
MH-07 : Sindhudurg
MH-08 : Ratnagiri
MH-09 : Kolhapur
MH-10 : Sangli
MH-11 : Satara
MH-12 : Pune
MH-13 : Solapur
MH-14 : Pimpri-Chinchwad
MH-15 : Nashik
MH-16 : Ahmednagar
MH-17 :Shrirampur
MH-18 : Dhule
MH-19 : Jalgaon
MH-20 : Aurangabad
MH-21 : Jalna
MH-22 : Parbhani
MH-23 : Beed
MH-24 : Latur
MH-25 : Osmanabad
MH-26 : Nanded
MH-27 : Amravati
MH-28 : Buldhana
MH-29 : Yavatmal
MH-30 : Akola
MH-31 : Nagpur
MH-32 : Wardha
MH-33 : Gadchiroli
MH-34 : Chandrapur
MH-35 : Gondia
MH-36 : Bhandara
MH-37 : Washim
MH-38 : Hingoli
MH-39 : Nandurbar
MH-40 : Wadi/Nagpur (rural)
MH-41 : Malegaon
MH-42 : Baramati
MH-43 : Navi Mumbai/Vashi
MH-44 : Ambejogai
MH-45 : Akluj
MH-46 : Panvel
MH-47 : Borivali, Mumbai
MH-48 : Thane/Virar
MH-49 : Nagpur
MH-50 : Karad (Satara Rural)
MH-51 : Nashik Rural

We can now know the ownership details of a vehicle using the Vehicle registration number instantly through SMS.

Send a SMS to 07738299899 typing: vahan

For eg. If you want to find a owner of  a car with no :  MH12TM9999 [any random no. ]
Then send sms vahan MH12TM9999 to 07738299899. You will get details in seconds.

Useful in case of Accidents…..
– Hit and run cases.
– Rash drivers on the road.
– Catching  Auto, taxi and Bus drivers


90 thoughts on “Get vehicle information in Maharashtra”

  1. Mr Tantra,



    Kirti shah
    Sent from my BlackBerry® on Reliance Mobile, India’s No. 1 Network. Go for it!

  2. Sir, 24-12-2013

    I want to bring in a new definition on consumer, complainant and obligation. Kindly suggest a forum or an organization where I can send my presentation. Is a public interest litigation suitable for this?

  3. needed the details of a vehicle number on a hit and run & physical assualt of lady…smsed the details to vahan as mentioned above,however details of the owner havent come..all that I got was the tax has been paid upto a life time…can sumone tell me a way to find out details of the owner of the car…

    1. In our system is waste and hardly Rs.200 will be penalty for his mistake.Even, police complaint will not help.All the best and welcome to our poor system in India…..

  4. Please correct the information.Owner info is not sent.
    I just sent a sms vahan mhxx-xx-xxxx with my car number it just returns the following RC/FC expiry date and MV tax paid date there is no details of the owner sent.

  5. Can somebody guide on tracing the car owner address from the Registration no. This is needed in Co-op Housing complexes when outsiders/ guests park their car in unknown way.

  6. by sending that vahan sms we only get
    rc/fc expiry,
    n mv tax upto.
    and nothing else….
    what can be done with this?
    how can we trace the hit and run drivers???
    pls help

  7. we are not getting proper information no name only rc/fc expiry,
    finance,n mv tax upto then what is the use of this information ……………………dont’ use this facility

  8. Is there a way to figure out the contact info name details of a n individual(car/bike) who hits and runs and all you have is his vehicle number.
    The RTI forms and all are long procedures and no one knows if its worth the run!

    In an online world things have to be quick and efficient wrt such an information!
    The common man is at the stake always. I have experienced sucha hit and run case whre the biker damaged my car and ran recently.

    We dont have much time in the daily rush to reach authorities and follow up.

    Other countries are way ahead of us!

  9. Why compile and write such information on Consumer Resources. All information distributed on the on the Web should be first checked properly by Consumer Resource Team. The SMS to get details and identity of the Vehicle Owner is totally false. Please suggest a proper Website./ SMS or a right way to get all the details regarding the owner buy entering the Registration No.

    This time don’t goof up as I am a subscriber of Consumer Resource group and love to read your informative articles

  10. You have to file RTI by which you will get all the details of any vehicle. It is a easy way to make your process fast.You will get vehicle info as soon by this.You have no need to go anywhere.You can file RTI via this portal online.
    So just goto this website and Apply RTI.They will surely help you to resolve matter.

  11. I want to know the name of car owner name MH49*7862 * it means I don’t know the serial but the car was Honda city so plzzzzzzz inform me he hit my friend

  12. i want the owner details of the car no MH14DX3501 . HONDA BRIO BLUE CLOUR and it is a hit and run case so inform the owner name

  13. i think this site for finding the details for the hit and run car owner or driver details is not working .

    if so pls stop this website otherwise give details solution

  14. this site is not working efficiently…some incomplete information we get via sms…..RTO should check this and update their site for correct and complete records

  15. request you to give details of Owner (name and address) of the MAHINDRA BULERO No MH 18 AJ 3975 it is a hit and run case.I think you do the needful as soon as possible

    1. Doesn’t work at all. 3 sms sent. Waste of money. Better develop an android app and keep accurate data available to track correct owner of vehicle.

  16. Doesn’t work at all. Tried 3 times, and failed to get information. Money went waste.
    Please develop and android app instead of this. And keep accurate data on servers, so that people will get correct information.

    if really inthis type of site is working please send me details…

    Thanks a lot for the same…

  18. Dear sir
    Its an hit and run case if u could plz help me out i have tried mannier times on the number but the message dnt recieve to me can u plz tell me that the number MH20AG 7496 this car no.. is give plz help me to find the owner of this car n also his adress or number or name plz call me on 9923039154 sir plz help me…

  19. i have obtain an N0C from maharashtra to Telangana i want on line confermation to submit in telangana state ,in maharashta transport web there is online of NOC particulers which you have issued.. how to get conformation.

  20. Sms service is useless- no result found and there is no option to contact RTO in case of emergency.
    I found above car suspecious hence wanted to inform , seem 4 man with big luggage.

  21. Hi,
    I tried with my own 2 Wheeler Numbers. One worked, while other not. The other vehicle is purchased in 2003. It it cover after certain year?

  22. Dear sir
    Its an hit and run case if u could plz help me out i have tried mannier times on the number but the message dnt recieve to me can u plz tell me that the number MH31CP2393 this car no.. Suzuki omni is give plz help me to find the owner of this car n also his adress or number or name plz call me on 9923039154 sir plz help me…

  23. MH 14, FM 0552, Maroon Colour Renault Quid Car hit my car, damaged driver side front & rear door and ran away. Want to know the name & address of the owner for this car.

  24. I have registered my vehicle & got my RC sheet along with Tax paid Challan but my car name is not showing when I sms its details to the VAHAN no. It has been more than 4 months since I got my vehicle registered. On the VAHAN website it is showing vehicle no not found or no not digitalised, what does this mean. Pls advice

  25. I saw this service where you can send SMS and get owner’s name and such details. However, then I came to know about this app which can find owner details without SMS charges –

    The only problem that I found that, there are some vehicle numbers, whose details are yet not uploaded by their respective RTO to online database, so data to those vehicles can not be found anywhere except going to RTO itself,

    Nevertheless, I found it very useful.

  26. Dear sir kindly send this number MH32Y4601 owner Name for my information,
    I have New Vehicle Registration Shirish

  27. Knowing person by Vehicle no. is very good thing And also good decision. congrats..
    I checked also very fast revert from RTO…

  28. Some Problem Occured during processing this request please try again later
    Last one week same message forward by ur system….

  29. I bought a car in Jan 17 and registration done at RTO in same day but till date I have not received RC book for vehicle number MH40BE0048.

  30. I want to know my second hand vehicle information which is MH31AQ2650… But here which you give the info about how to find vehicle there is no result to find my Vehicle …Please give me information of this vehicle number…

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