Government Circular dt. 03.01.2009 for Redevelopment of Housing Societies

Directive under Section 79(A) of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960 to all the Co-operative Housing Societies in the State of Maharashtra.

Regarding Redevelopment of Buildings of Co-operative Housing Societies

The following directive be termed as “Directive for Redevelopment of Building of Co-operative Housing Society”

Salient Features :

1. Requisition for convening Special General Body Meeting for Redevelopment of Society’s Building

2. Convening Special General Body Meeting

3. To accept written suggestions from members relating to redevelopment of the building

4. Decisions to be taken in the Special General Body Meeting:-
5. Providing minutes of Meeting to all members
6. Issuing Appointment Letter to the Architect / Project Management Consultant
7. Work to be done in the initial stage by Architect / Project management consultant
8. Action to be taken on receipt of redevelopment Project Report
9. Preparing List of Bids Received
10. Selection of Developers

11. Agreement to be entered into with Developer
Click Here for the full Circular

2 thoughts on “Government Circular dt. 03.01.2009 for Redevelopment of Housing Societies

  1. What should be done if society did not follow the government circular dated 03.01.2009 and select one of the member of our society for redevelopment and also get the redevelopment agreement registered without consent of all the members ?

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