One thought on “Strength of the Managing Committee including Reservation

  1. I wish to know what are the rules regarding co-opting members into the Management Committee of a CHS.
    Our CHS has between 50 to 100 flats so we need an MC of 7 members. (We have not adopted the new bye-laws as yet). Our MC comprises 7 members. However, we have co-opted two other members into the MC and they attend the MC meetings and also take on work for the running of the CHS. The co-option was done in an MC meeting in which both Secretary and Chairman were present. And this meeting was minuted.
    Recently some members objected – saying that co-opted members should not be allowed in on MC meetings. Their participation should be restricted to few issues only when their inputs are required. I read the bye-laws – and nowhere does it specifically state that the maximum number of MC members is 7 – or that co-option cannot be done if the MC has the requisite strength. My questions are:
    1. Can we co-opt members though MC has requisite number of members?
    2. If yes, how many can we co-opt?
    3. What role can they play in MC? Is their participation restricted in any way? Can they vote in MC matters?
    4. Which part of Bye-Laws deal with this issue? Please specify.

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