Maharashtra tackles redevelopment head-on

A new law being mooted by the state government could well qualify it to become the official enforcement agency working for the city’s developers.

The proposed law, which is being introduced under the garb of conveying the government’s seriousness “to prevent deliberate derailment of redevelopment projects by opportunists”, will be used to coerce unwilling tenants and society members into signing up for redevelopment projects.

“Members who are in a minority will be dealt with firmly. The new act will have a provision that will allow deploying of a special police cell to bring reluctant parties to the table and investigate if there is any merit in their anti-redevelopment argument,” said minister of state for housing Sachin Ahir, adding that, “If there is no good reason then they will have to sign up and they will be evicted under Section 95-A to make way for the project.”

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