Radiation Hazards from Cell Phones / Cell Towers

This is an important document. Please go through it carefully. The money offered by the Mobile Operators for putting up cell towers on tall buildings is very attractive and many a society fall for it. Members also feel they are gaining as their monthly society charges considerably come down. But once you read this , I am sure you will reject any such proposal for putting up cell tower in your building. Also educate neighboring buildings so that they also discourage such proposals.

Please circulate to your friends and relatives to create general awareness. If your children are going to high school or college tell them to make a presentation on this issue in their respective schools/colleges.

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Radiation Hazards from Cell Phones/Cell Towers
Prof. Girish Kumar
Electrical Engineering Department
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai
(022) 2576 7436

To survey radiation levels from mobile towers near your house, you can email emr.termcell@gmail.com or call 2857 4300 or fax 28573535


4 thoughts on “Radiation Hazards from Cell Phones / Cell Towers

  1. Hi. I am a reporter working for a neighbourhood newspaper called Planet Powai. It covers the the area of Powai. I am interested in talking to you about this post. I understand that cell towers can be dangerous. I would like to know what can be done to spread awareness in the neighbourhood in Powai. Is there anything you had in mind at a community level and at what stage should proposal of putting up cell towers be discouraged. Please contact me.

    We can also do a story on the health effects of cell towers on people.

    • Dear,

      Now TERM start asking people to deposit Rs. 4000 before they will check the radiation levels. Its really a BS step and a sick way to stop people from reporting the violation.

      Its govt. duties to make sure rule of land are implemented. Shame on UPA govt.

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