Ready Reckoner Rates for Maharashtra

The following website has the Ready Reckoner Rates for Maharashtra, which includes Mumbai City and Suburbs, and also the detailed valuation rules :

Very useful for valuation of property, calculation of Stamp Duty, etc.
Beware, the site opens in Internet Explorer and Firefox Browsers only !
Changes in Ready Reckoner rates in Mumbai and Suburbs – some indicative figures as on 2 Jan 2013:

58 thoughts on “Ready Reckoner Rates for Maharashtra

  1. When we opened the site, only the map and year shows with some comment in Marathi . How does one open the ready reckoner to see the rates. It would be very helpful.

  2. Rate of ready recknor of agriculturel land of mouje,manphod, taluka-dahanu, dist- thane. How can i get it ? Pls reply Mitesh

  3. The document which is free form stamp duty but also it adjudicate by JDR Alibaug – Raigad then also SUB REGISTRAR khalapur suggest to attach Rs. 100/- stamp with document. so is it right or wrong?

  4. mr yazdi sir i am looking for rates in pune. 1- wadachi wadi (s no. 34/11 , ( old no 73) and 2- fursungi ( s no 171 ) but i am not getting it…could you please help me out…

  5. I am looking for ready reckon er rates for Ashokvan in Borivali east.can u please tell how to find one ? thanks.

  6. I want to know the rates of old flat ie 14 years old in Ahmednagar city bagadpatti area, Ahmednagar for Registration and Stamp duty purpose what is the stamp duty and registration fee per sqaure metere


  8. i want to know the date and year from which the ready reknor rates for land were implied in the state of maharashtra

  9. sir i want the sqrft value in the year 1981. My flat situated inMumbai goregaon (west), bangur nagar city servey no998 pahadi goregaon

  10. Pl let me know Agricultural land rates at Gut No 912,Place Pimpalner Ta Beed, Dist Beed for Bank Purpose or Let me know how to find the Rates at my end directly

  11. I had regd the document in year 2005 & I had paid full stamp duty on that document & the seller had again sell that land to some One in 2006 the same land & another purchaser had paid full stamp duty on that document & got registerd then my quisten is that once the land is sold & revenue dept had received the stamp duty as a revenue then without talking search report sub registrar is register the same land in the name of another person who ??? Is culprit for that I want to know for justice.

  12. Sir, I need the rates of property at pune however on click there appears the map of maharashtra and on clicking Pune no further information is appearing. Whether the same is not updated yet. Please check up at the earliest.
    waiting for updation.

  13. In our society out of 13 members 4 original members have purchased thier flats in 1984 and have registerd their documents and had paid Rs.10 as the stamp duty in 1984. now as we all members have decided for the redevelopment we are required to go for the Deemed Conveyance and for that the Deemed Conveyance office had asked these 4 members to pay the stamp duty . but these members are not ready to pay as they had. paid Rs.10 as the stamp duty.
    my question is do they really have to pay the stamp duty with the fine and if yes for the stamp duty and fine which ready recknor rate will be cosidered whether of 1984 or current rate ready reckoner rate will be . considred

  14. dear sir , please advise the procedure and requirement for forming tanents association registration to protect tanency rights of tanents in mumbai.
    jagdish parmar

  15. Dear Sir , as I have seen Govt Ready Recokner rate online ( displaying of entire Maharshtra ) but it is now not avaliable now So plz guide to check online

  16. I want 1995 years land rates calculation on conveyance deed property is cts no 1336 mulund w total area of society 785.93 and 11 membars in society.

  17. Hi, can any one simply show the calculation of Ready reckoner? Say if the Land and Construction cost is given in the chart, then is it simple multiplication with the Sq ft (Salable or Carpet). It would be better to show with an example at the earliest please

  18. Sir I want to have the 1981 rates for land and constructed property on Sahu maharaj path at Nashik road Maharastra near the Jairambhai Hospital. The square foot land and property rate is required.

  19. Sir,

    Request ready reckoner rate for Pashan, Hissa no B/1 CTS No 571 sahadeo heights ason
    1st April 2016. I own a flat and the address is Someshwar wadi Pashan, Pune

    • Why you people increasing readyreconer rates each year. Now days are reverse maket. If you obsour that in Dhayri-Nare as well as in whole pune, ready reconer rate is high and people selling there property below readyreconer amount and paying stamp duty as per the ready reconer. This thing is very serious. you people are about to thing on in not twice more than 6 time.

  20. What about rates for Andheri west Lokhandwala Andheriwest.
    Secondly Agreement for Sale between 1980 tpt 1985 – any notification / G.R published ??
    Please let us know where we can see the details.

  21. why above site is not opened from 1st april as it is always open before 1st april when we click to “MILKAT MULYANKAN” what is new procedure for same opening

  22. why above site is not opened from 1st april as it is always open before 1st april when we click to “MILKAT MULYANKAN” what is new procedure for same opening

  23. नमस्कार मी कुंडलवाडी ता.वाळवा,जि.सांगली येथून आहे मि ग्रामपंचायत मध्ये नोकरीला आहे.मला सन २०१७-१८ चे बांधकामाचे रेडीरेकनर दर हवे आहे .मि खूप पहिले पण सापडले नाही कृपया मला कुंडलवाडी चे रेडीरेकनर दर द्यावेत ही विनंती.

  24. i have purchase open land in 2012-13(oct 2012) situated on dakhane villege, mangaon taluka, dist : raigad. i want to know about ready reckoner cost

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