How to Question your Co-operative Society

This article which appeared in Economic Times – Wealth dt. 15 October 2012 includes :

  1. Rights of a Member
  2. Whom to approach with your Complaint
  3. Common Complaints
  4. What is a fair maintenance charge
  5. Some Court Judgements

Very interesting read

How to Question Your Housing Society – Times Of India



3 thoughts on “How to Question your Co-operative Society”

  1. Sir,
    My parent purchase flat on my mother name in2003 through sale deed from builder, In 2004 a society was established and got registered as coopertive housing maintenance and mother is share holder . A montly maint was fixed 250 rupee /month accordingly we pay maint till 2009 in 2010 there was robery in my house in the afternoon. We make complaint towards sct but no action was taken. Similarly lots of mismanagement and nuisance were done by other member of sct. So through notoary GPA in2008 my father was making complaint behalf of my mother but society is refusing his Gpa and complaint and nt supporting us we have gaved all proof in written but question arises on maintainability of suit what to do

  2. Inspite of Several reminders to society about drainage by which wall & beams of society become weak. It may be collapse in few days. Sir, please Visit at the Site and make the conclusion ASAP.
    SHANKAR 9820291577

  3. My flat is in seawoods east. I purchased a flat around in 2007. When the society is under the builder’s hand then he kept maintenance charge at per sq/ft. But after hand over of building, Committee is appointed by the members, then they kept maintenance charges at lumsum basis, which is unequal.
    Just like for single bedroom 620 sq/ft they are charging RS-1700 on other hand the double bedroom got 940 sq/ft they are charging RS-1800 and three bedroom 1050 sp/ft they charging RS-2050, in spite of this the member of committee of the society treating like rud manner. Please reply fast of above problems

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