Activists say NO COAL to the PM

As Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh was addressing the world about biodiversity and the need to protect it at the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity on October 16, Greenpeace India’s online activists were sending him a very special tweet.

Hundreds of people tweeted a very simple message to @PMOINDIA- “NO COAL”. They were asking him to save the forests of Central India. Facebook wasn’t left out either. Thousands of people shared an image of the PM with “No Coal” written all over it. These were among the 2,50,000 people who signed the petition to show their support for the forests in Central India, threatened by the government’s plan to mine coal in them. One of their main demands was that the PM should meet Brikesh Singh who wanted to deliver the 2,50, 000 petitions to him in person.

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