Whither Genetically Modified (GM) Foods ?

GENETIC ROULETTE – This  path breaking movie is available for free viewing till 31st October. During the first free showing week in September, there were over 1.25 million views of this astounding documentary that shows the link between Genetically Modified(GM) Crops and human and animal disorders such as allergies, infertility, autism, cancer, birth defects and neurological problems.

The entire film is 90 minutes and can be viewed at –


The institute of responsible technology has also released a 10-minute re-mix for those who do not have the time to watch the entire film.

Don’t miss this 10 minute version :

Only 6 countries, including India, account for 95% of Genetically Modified Crops. Other countries have banned or severely restricted and penalized GM.  Seed companies are lobbying hard to introduce GM crops in India. It is up to all citizens to understand the risks and halt the introduction of GM food in India.

Please circulate this to all your colleagues and write to the Health Minister at azadg@sansad.nic.in / hfm@alpha.nic.in to support the unanimous call given by India’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture to immediately halt all field trials of Genetically Modified Crops. 

The Leaf initiative

Editorial team on GM 



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