Build a strong opposition to GM crops

They are after our food again. Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar believes that genetically modified (GM) food is good for us. Monsanto, a multinational seed corporation thinks the same.

Inserting alien genes into food crops is not going to solve the problem of food shortage. It will only make food unsafe. We have to keep up the opposition against GM foods so that decision makers don’t force potentially toxic food on us. Let’s start by gathering opinion against GMfood with this poll.

You should answer this poll to help build a strong opposition to GM crops, because the safety of our food is at stake.




We will not be the only people opposing this dangerous technology. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture has also said that genetic modification is not a solution for the food crisis. [1] The Supreme Court has also recommended a cautionary approach to GM field trials. [2]Our support will add more weight to their recommendations.

It’s going to be a long drawn battle between corporate and political might and the people who want their food safe. A lot of field trials of GM varieties have taken place in different parts of the country.[3] Monsanto even doctored a scientific review to show that their GM corn is safe.[4]

So far, massive public opposition helped stop Bt brinjal’s commercialisation.[5] It prevented the government from tabling the BRAI bill which seeks to ease the entry of GM crops in our country.[6]

So take the poll now to keep GM food off your plates.







Picture of Neha Saigal

Neha Saigal
Greenpeace India


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