Limit fixed for transfer fee

Limit fixed for transfer fee,
Donation or any other charges not allowed

The law is very clear as to how much transfer fee can be charged in co-operative housing societies on a transfer of flat. The Commissioner for Co-operation and Registrar Co-operative Society, Maharashtra, has issued two circulars, clarifying the matter. The circular contains the table of maximum allowable transfer fee and clearly states that no further amount can be taken as donation. For the clarity and information the circulars are reproduced here in below.
Office of the Commissioner for Co-operation and Registrar, C.S. Maharashtra State, Pune.
Circular No. Grihnirman /Gala Tabdil/FFC/89 dated 27th Nov. 1989.
Sub : To increase the amount of premium to be paid on transfer flats.
There is a provisions in bye-law No. 40 (d) (7) of the new model bye-laws published premium maximum upto Rs. 1000/- to be paid to the society is less as compared to the person, he will have to pay the fee as transfer premium as mentioned below. Necessary amendment to bye-law No. 40 (d) (7) may be made accordingly and then executed by the societies.
2. It is therefore requested to bring to the notice of all co-operative housing societies falling under your jurisdiction, theinstructions contained in the above said circular and accordingly, to give instructions to the societies to make amendments to their bye-laws at appropriate places.

Area under Maximum premium
To be paid
1) Municipal Corporation & Development Authorities Rs. 25,000/-
2) ‘A’ Class Municipalities Rs. 20,000/-
3) ‘B’ Class Municipalities Rs. 15,000/-
4) ‘C’ Class Municipalities Rs. 10,000/-
5) Rural Sector Rs. 5,000/-

For Commissioner for Corporation & Registration C.S., M.S., Pune.


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9 thoughts on “Limit fixed for transfer fee”

  1. detail about transfer limit in Class ‘A’ , ‘B’, ‘C’ in muncipality as i live in dombivali in co-op society & society is charging Rs. 25000/- is it correct or not please guide me for that.

  2. sir, i live in ulhasnagar.The name of society is SAIBABA CO-OP.HSG.SOCETY.The soceity is claiming Rs.75000/- as transfer fee and Rs.25000/- as maintenance charges.I may add that the monthly maitenance charges are made uptodate.Pl guide me as to how much i have to pay legally.

  3. I have paid the society Rs. 25,000 for transfer fee. Now my buyer needs a mortgage NOC and the society is demanding more Rs.12,000. Is this legal and can I challenge to the registrar office.

  4. In pune .397 nirmal nagar Co operative housing society demand 75000 rs for transfer fee…chairman n secretary blackmail new member to pay excess amount. ..New member need loan for flat or car .or any other work …wen New member demand noc or share certificate…chairman blackmail for excess amount..Some one shud take legal action.n chairman shud be punished for jail n 5 times extra amount to pay to government. every society will follow the rules.den all middle class people will stay happy if it stop all illegal activity. .

  5. How much, a Registered Co-Op. Service Society, of a Commercial Shopping Center can charge, for transfer of shop or storage area in basement.

  6. I have been charged 30000 transfer fees for a row house in Udwada gaam (jilla Pardi) District Valsad. This being a C H SERVICE SOCIETY. Please give me correct information.

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