Transfer of Flat in CHS – various aspects

Transfer apartment ownership – procedure, paperwork

We describe the procedure and paperwork to transfer apartment ownership after you have signed the agreement to buy resale apartments or  flats.

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Resignation of membership

Form by which the owner seeks permission to give up his membership in society in order to transfer apartment ownership.

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Membership application by heir of deceased member

Format of application for society membership by the heir of a deceased member.

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Society’s acceptance of transferee’s membership request

How the society accepts membership request of transferee or homebuyer.

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Transfer of interest on demise of member

How property transfer to heirs or nominee takes place, in case of death of an apartment owner, with regard to communication between them and the society.

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Redressal of complaints

If you have complaints against the housing society’s managing committee with regard to its functioning or decisions, how should you proceed.

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One thought on “Transfer of Flat in CHS – various aspects

  1. Dear Sir, To get the conveyance deed executed by the builder, is it mendatory to get the INDEXII for all the flat owners in the society? C K Malhan


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