How to get justice from errant service or goods providers?

Redressal of consumer complaints can entail approaching the insurance ombudsman, the consumer courts and even taking help of social media, RTI and police complaints. There are options available today to build pressure on errant service or goods providers so that they do the needful


A letter from Mohan Siroya, chairperson of the Consumer Complaints Cell, gives three examples of consumer power success using the help of the insurance ombudsman, Right to Information (RTI), social media activism and police complaints. Today, justice will be served if you are persistent in your efforts to pursue the errant service or goods provider. A consumer court may not be able to help in the absence of the postal address, but alternate means exists.

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One thought on “How to get justice from errant service or goods providers?

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    Please guide me How can I get back my money so far spent i.e. Rs;2100? The person who threaten me is un-mannered and cruel. How can I get protection from him if I approach CONSUMER FORUM?

    Venkateshwar Rao

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