Cap on subsidised LPG cylinders

Government of India has been providing subsidy on Domestic LPG purchased by Consumers. There has been a change in norms of supply of Domestic LPG effective 14th of September 2012. This was further modified effective 18th January 2013. The number of Domestic Cylinders for which Subsidy can be availed for has now been capped at 9 refills per LPG Connection. More details are given below.

FAQs regarding cap on subsidised LPG Cylinders

  1. What is Capping of LPG cylinder?
  2. How many subsidised cylinder I will get in current financial year 2013-14?
  3. After I consume all capped quantity am I eligible for subsidised cylinder?
  4. What will happen to my subsidised quota when I transfer my connection?
  5. Am I eligible for subsidised quota if my connection is blocked?
  6. In case of new connection what will be the eligibility of subsidised quota?
  7. How can I keep record of my consumption of cylinder?
  8. I do not want subsidised cylinder, is it possible?
  9. A re subsidised cylinders applicable for reticulated LPG customers?

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