Procedure for filing Consumer Complaint with ICRPC



Please follow this procedure strictly else your complaint will be rejected.

We charge Rs 300 for sending a notice to the Opposite Party. This is non-refundable if your complaint gets rejected because you failed to follow the procedure given below or for any other reason. Your documents will not be returned as they are our property and we destroy them after use.


Steps to file complaint:

1) Pay Rs 300 by net banking and note the net banking transaction number.

Please send a blank email to to get net banking details within two minutes of sending request. Sometimes, but rarely, this mail may get delivered to your spam folder also.

We prefer that you pay online. But if you do not have netbanking facility, you can also pay Rs 300 by demand draft or “AT PAR cheques” in favour of “ICRPC” payable at “Mumbai”. Write your name and cell number behind the cheque.



 You will get only one opportunity to fill this complaint form, so do not waste this opportunity by clicking submit button aimlessly. After submitting the form you will get a copy of this submitted form with complaint number to your email ID mentioned in the form. Sometimes it may also be delivered in your spam box. Take a printout of this email and use it as your cover letter. Your complaint number will be your reference number for all further queries.


Page 1 and 2 :  

The printout of your email of the submitted form that you received after submitting the form.

If not paid by netbanking, then attach with pin (do not staple) with the first page, your Rs. 300 demand draft or At Par cheque or local Mumbai account cheque.


Page 3 : (Opposite party details)

1) Name of Opposite party 

2) Registered address of the Opposite Party

3) Telephone no.

4) Fax no.

5) E-mail of the chairman / company e-mail where notice is to be sent. Without this notice cannot be sent and your complaint will be rejected.


Page 4 : 

6) Bill details, item details of purchased product or service.

7) DEFECT: What is the defect in the product or service (write in short paragraph). It has to be very clear and focussed as we will not search your documents to discover your complaint. Do not be lazy by not writing explanation of defect paragraph and just pointing to the attachments. We will reject such complaint that do not explain the defect.

8) RELIEF: What relief you want or what justice you want. (example refund, replacement, compensation, etc). It has to be very clear with facts and figures.

Page 5 onwards:  

Attach Xerox copies of Documents (like bill, agreement, service report, your complaint letter to them, your notice to them, etc).  Enclose only the xerox copies of supporting documents only. Don’t send originals as these will not be returned to you as they are shredded and destroyed after use.

Please staple or tie with thread all your papers in one bunch only. Complaint with loose, unstapled, untied or in separate bunches will be rejected. We do not entertain complaint documents sent to us in installments, in different envelopes, or as loose papers.

Send the complaint set through post / courier to:

Arun Saxena

B-9/55, Vijay Nagari
Ghodbunder Road
P.O. Kasarvadavali
Thane (West) 400601  (
use pin code 400601 if sending by courier  /  use pin code 400615 if sending by post)




1) We will acknowledge the receipt of your documents received by courier / post. Please do not disturb us for next 60 days by asking us whether we have received your documents or not, or to know the status of your complaint. We will also inform you within 60 days if your complaint is rejected.

2) We will issue a legal notice to the accused within 60 days of receiving your documents, giving him a time limit of 7 to 15 days for settling your grievance. We will send you a copy of this notice to your e-mail address mentioned in your complaint. If the complaint has been rejected due to not following the procedure, we will inform you within 60 days.

3) If you do not receive acknowledgement or copy of notice after completion of 60 days, please send a reminder e-mail to us at writing your name, OP name and your complaint number.

4) If your grievance is not settled after sending notice, ICRPC will further help you with preparation of your case papers for filing in the consumer court. There will be a nominal fee for preparation of the case papers. After sending of the notice, please inform us about your intention of filing a case in the consumer court so that we send you the procedure for preparation of case papers. You will not require a lawyer as we will guide you till the final orders of the court. The judge in any consumer court cannot force you to hire a lawyer. Consumer case is filed in the city where the cause of action happened or where the Opposite Party has an office, branch, agent or presence.



1) We operate through the internet, e-mail, and cater to the consumers across the world. So, it does not matter where you are located as long as you have access to emails.

2) Please do not visit us. We do not meet anyone.  All have been turned away from the door when they tried to visit us.

3) Repeat notice is never sent, as we want our single notice to be taken seriously. Therefore do not ask us to send notice once more.

4) Time limit for filing case in the consumer court is within 2 years from the date of cause of action.

5) After sending notice, if your matter does not get settled, you can file consumer case in the consumer court. We will help you in preparation of case papers.

6) There is a court fee charged by consumer court when you file a case papers in the consumer court. Details of fee are given on our website.

7) Consumer courts take about 1 to 2 years (or even more at times) to settle the case. The consumer is expected to attend the court hearings at least 3 to 4 times in a year. Consumer can also appoint an authorised representative / power of attorney to attend the court hearings on his behalf.


ICRPC Website:

SMS: +918080423516



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