Unique presentation of Social Messages

Through Hindi Songs 🙂

Dr Dilip Nadkarni highlights Mumbai woes, in a melodious parody. Sung to the tune of Bombay meri Jaan from film CID, Mumbai meri jaan focuses on potholes, terrorists, corruption in Mumbai. Mumbai meri Jaan also emphasizes the need to raise our voices, for a better Mumbai.


Don’t Drink and Drive, sings Dr Dilip Nadkarni to usher a public awareness campaign. Dr Dilip Nadkarni performed this act at a weekly meeting of Rotary club of Bombay Seacoast. A special team from Mumbai Police force conducted a Breath analysis for volunteers during the cocktail hour. It was an eye opener that even a small amount of alcohol altered our judgment and tested positive on the breathalyzer. The program was organized by Rotary President Rajesh Shah.


Bandra Re

Sung live by Dr Dilip Nadkarni at Celebrate Bandra festival to create awareness and try and save Bandra.


One thought on “Unique presentation of Social Messages”

  1. salute yu doctor saheb…. hope we people elect people like yu to wake us up of the inert condition we are living in… god bless and keep up the good work…

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