12 Medical Tests and Procedures Even Doctors Claim Are Useless

Doctors are often criticized for prescribing unneeded tests and procedures that harm more than they help and add to medical costs that could otherwise be avoided. 12 medical tests and procedures now being questioned worldwide as unnecessary and potentially cause — sometimes harmful results to patients. Since a campaign was launched last year, more than 130 tests and procedures have been called into question by 25 medical specialty societies with more than 500,000 member doctors.

“Millions of Americans are increasingly realizing that when it comes to health care, more is not necessarily better,” said Dr. Christine Cassel, president of the ABIM Foundation . “Through these lists of tests and procedures, we hope to encourage conversations between physicians and patients about what care they truly need.”

United States specialty societies representing more than 500,000 physicians developed lists of Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question in recognition of the importance of physician and patient conversations to improve care and eliminate unnecessary tests and procedures.

1. Avoid Inducing Labor or C-Section Before 39 Weeks

2. Avoid Routine Annual Pap Tests

3. Avoid CT Scans To Evaluate Minor Head Injuries

4. Avoid Stress Tests Using Echocardiographic Images

5. Avoid Prescribing Type 2 Diabetes Medication To Achieve Tight Glycemic Control

6. Avoid EEGs (electroencephalography) on Patients With Recurrent Headaches.

7. Avoid Routinely Treating Acid Reflux


8. Avoid Lipid Profile Tests

9. Avoid Mammograms

10. Avoid PSA Testing

11. Avoid Routine Colorectal Cancer Screening ;

12. Avoid DEXA

Click Here for a detailed explanation for each of the above


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