Governance requires right intent

Speaking at Moneylife Foundation’s 4th anniversary, Dr Ashok Khemka, while reiterating that he would not join politics, said, good governance is not a rocket science and all it requires is right intent

Dr Ashok Khemka, an amazing Whistle-blower and Secretary to Government of Haryana delivered a short but powerful speech about good governance, justice and equality, to a packed hall at Moneylife Foundation’s 4th Anniversary in Mumbai.

Addressing a crowd of over 500 prominent citizens, activists and whistle-blowers, Dr Khemka said, “Governance is not a rocket science. All it requires is a good neeyat or right intent. For good governance, justice and equality, one has to be effectively good and honest.”

Talking about being called a ‘whistle-blower, Dr Khemka said, “I am not a whistle-blower as whatever I did and am doing is part of my duty and responsibilities. I will continue to do my duty. This is not about whistle-blowing, it is about doing your duty effectively.”

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One thought on “Governance requires right intent

  1. The bureacracy should do their work without trying to hog the lime light.
    Bureaucrats are by and large extremely intelligent.
    They are also efficient.
    That is how some mint crores and crores.

    Ideally they should be quick, responsive and abide by the laws…not try to take on important persons.

    A very senior bureaucrat once remarked….every officer will say he has done this and this… is it that the country is in such a bad shape today.

    Can any bureaucrat answer this simple question?

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