A website in service of consumers

Power to Consumer: A website in service of consumers
As consumers we are all empowered and protected by the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 against unscrupulous traders, companies and service providers. But the legal complexities involved in seeking one’s right can be intimidating sometimes. At times like this, a channel that provides online and easy legal advise can be of great support.
I am proud to present to you an online initiative dedicated solely to help you resolve your consumer related issues or disputes. All you need to do is log on to the website: www.powertoconsumer.in and submit your complaint. I will review your complaint, and provide you with a legal solution, at the earliest. A solution basis which you can respond or challenge the company [for which I will help you draft your complaint even]. That is not all. I also have other sections on my website that will help you understand the process of filing a complaint, a complaint generator toolthat will help you generate your complaint in a prescribe format, and more. I also write a blog in which I pen down my thoughts and opinions on day to day matters that can affect you as a consumer.
A single line about me: I am a practising Consumer Rights Advocate with over 23 years of experience in fighting Consumer related cases. This initiative is my quest in providing service to the society in the best possible way. I look forward to your support.
Don’t forget. Please visit my website www.powertoconsumer.in today and submit your query. Remember, no complaint that relates to your right as a consumer is trivial.
Best Regards,
Shivesh Kumar Sinha
Owner, Power to Consumer



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