Does the election expenses limit have any meaning?

The election commission has upped the expense limit for Lok Sabha elections from Rs40 lakh to Rs70 lakh per candidate in big states. But 129 or 30% out of 437 MPs spent Rs14.62 lakh or 59% of the expense limit during the last general election

The Indian government has cleared a proposal by Election Commission to increase the expenditure limit for Lok Sabha elections to Rs70 lakh from Rs40 lakh per candidate in big states. But does it have anything to do with the reality? During the last general election, about 129 members of Parliament (MPs) spent less than 50% of expense limit. This raises a question on the need to increase expenditure limit without taking into consideration the blatant misuse of black money in elections.

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One thought on “Does the election expenses limit have any meaning?”

  1. I have worked as election observer several times in different states.
    I used to meet candidates from different parties. They used to suggest that the limit should be increased.
    I used to point out that most of them never spent even half the maximum limit.
    So where was the justification for demanding the increase.

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