Election Watch Reporter (India)

CaptureElection Watch Reporter (EWR) is an Android app to report election related complaints. Citizens can send complaints about violations of electoral law or over expenditure by candidates during their election campaigns.

Citizens can send complaints which include pictures and location through the app which will be forwarded to the officials of Election Commission of India and relevant election observers etc.

Each complaint will include 1) Picture 2) Google Map with exact location (GPS automatically picks this) 3) Category (from a list of categories) 4) Brief Description

The categories under which the complaints or reports can be filed are based on Media, Liquor or Drugs Distribution, Election Rally, etc.

Now, you can help to make the elections clean, free and fair by reporting violations to election commission of India. This app is managed by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW).

Click Here to download the app for your Android device

Help to make the elections clean, free and fair





One thought on “Election Watch Reporter (India)”

  1. The Election Commission should suo motu take cognizance of the massive increase in the wealth of candidates over last five years; for example, Br Baban Gholap the former minister in Maharashtra who was convicted yesterday, Mr Kapil Sibal (38 crores in 23011 to 114 crores now) and numerous other “dignitaries”.

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