Housing societies adopt green ways

Housing societies adopt green ways to save cost
The Nyati Environ Cooperative Housing Society in Tingrenagar has managed to reduce its monthly electricity bill by half, simply by tweaking its power plans and adopting a greener behaviour. Installation of an energy-efficient sewage treatment plant, replacing tube lights with compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) or light emitting diode (LED), efficient management of elevators and other common appliances has brought down their electricity consumption significantly. 

In fact, the residents do not have to use geysers as solar panels installed in the society provide hot water to the 400-odd households. The society also recycles water and practices vermiculture. 

Nyati is one of the 50 randomly selected housing societies in the city selected by the Green Energy Foundation (GEF), a city-based NGO, to study energy consumption patterns of residential societies in the city. GEF advised 25 of them on ways to reduce their carbon footprint. 
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