Sold goods can always be returned

PUSH FOR CONSUMER RIGHTS – Sold goods can always be returned: Forum

The state consumer commission on Wednesday ruled in favour of a man who took on a clothing showroom for forcing on its customers the illegal condition that “goods once sold cannot be returned or exchanged”.

Many people were unaware of the letter issued by the department of consumer affairs in Delhi in December 22, 1999, prohibiting printing the condition that “goods once sold will not be taken back“ on receipts.
“Hopefully through such state commission orders, people who have similar issues will be aware of their rights. Such illegal practices need to be curbed,“ Lonke said. “I have spent more on fighting this complaint than the compensation awarded. But I am happy with the positive outcome.“

Lonke also cited a Pune district forum order of May 30, 2012, in which a clothing store was directed to refund Rs 240, along with Rs 1,000 compensation, to a woman who wanted to return a pair of leggings that did not fit her.
The forum had observed that printing such a non-return policy on the bill amounted to unfair trade practice.

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2 thoughts on “Sold goods can always be returned

  1. Please help me with the notification and the order. that will be helpful
    Also guide me how to file the complaint against shop keeper

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