Organic Foods : Perceptions and Buying Behaviour

CERC has taken up a project to study consumer perceptions and buying behaviour with regard to organic foods (grown without using synthetic pesticides and fertiliser), advocate relevant food laws and regulations for them, including proper labelling, and raise consumer awareness about quality and safety issues.

This survey is part of the project and will provide valuable insight into consumer behavior regarding organic food within the Indian context.

In India, organic foods are marked with the \’India Organic\’ certification mark issued by certification agencies accredited under the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). Most of the organic food companies in India voluntarily opt for this certification, though it is not mandatory for domestic sales.

Due to lack of effective quality standards and rules on labelling and certification of organic foods, the Indian market is flooded with uncertified products.

May we request your cooperation in this study. Kindly send your responses to the questions in the link ( We will be happy to have your views, comments, and suggestions even beyond the questions listed by us.

Your responses will help us understand the current scenario and influence the recommendations made to Ministry regarding safety and certification of organic foods. As the survey has to be completed in a very short time, may we please expect your response at the earliest, preferably by 30 August 2014.

CERC appreciates your time and cooperation. Your feedback will be very valuable for proposing effective regulations for organic foods.

Pritee Shah
Chief General Manager


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