Defaulters will not be allowed to vote or contest Society Polls

In the upcoming cooperative housing society polls, residents who have defaulted in the payment of maintenance charges of their respective societies will be debarred from voting or contesting elections. Vinayak Kokare, Deputy Registrar of housing societies, said the elections, which have not been held for the past five years, will be conducted in November or December.
As per the new amendments of Cooperative Act and directions by the Bombay High Court, the state government has been appointed as the designated authority to conduct elections in cooperative bodies. Apart from housing societies, elections are also likely to be held in credit societies and banks. However, the court had specifically asked the state government to conduct cooperative bodies’ elections, following which the state government filed an affidavit before the court, stating its intention to conduct the elections before December 31.

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One thought on “Defaulters will not be allowed to vote or contest Society Polls

  1. such debarring even to vote by the defaulter is against the natural right of being a member of the society . If it is directed by the high court kindly send me the case reference of such order passed by high court. And such amendment is constitutionally invalid as it is very wide concept even right to vote.

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