Implications of VAT/Service Tax on Redevelopment

Whether all receipts in the hands of the Society/ its individual members shall be net of Vat and Service Tax Responsibility/ liability of Society/Its Members towards the same for services rendered to it by professionals/consultants.

Ans. As Society is not providing any Services to the Developer, the Society is not liable to pay Service Tax or VAT on any of the payments receipt by the Society in the form of reimbursements or Corpus Money or Compensations, etc. If the Society is making any payment of Fees to the Professionals or Contractors, then the Society is liable to pay Service Tax @10.3% to the Professionals and Service Tax or Vat to Contractors on such a payment. The professionals and the Contractors would in turn pay the same to the respective Central Government or State Government as applicable.

Responsibility/ Liability towards stamp duty.
Responsibility/Liability of the Society/its individual members towards Stamp Duty, if any, in transition from surrender of existing premises to the Develop to the occupation and registration of the Redevelopedpremises
Ans. Normally, in the cases of Redevelopment, the Stamp Duty and the Registration Charges on surrender of the existing premises to the Developer for the purpose of Redevelopment would be paid by the Developer. Whereas, when the Individual Members receives the Redeveloped Premises from the Developer, he is liable to pay Stamp Duty and Registration Charges on the same. The Stamp Duty payable would be on the cost of construction of the present area of the Premises and on the market value for the extra area received as per the Ready Reckoner Value published by the Government of Maharashtra every year on 1st January.

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One thought on “Implications of VAT/Service Tax on Redevelopment

  1. In our society the builder has been asked to pay the stamp duty on cost of construction of existing flat right in the beginning. Will we again have to pay stamp duty on the entire area when we get possession of the flat.

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