Gardasil Vaccine : The decision we will always regret

We were very diligent with our children’s health. We never missed an annual check-up and we also followed the pediatrician’s recommended vaccine schedule including annual flu shots. Our pediatrician recommended the Gardasil vaccine. The Gardasil vaccine was heavily advertised on TV. We read the vaccine Disclosure. It said that the vaccine should not be given to those with HIV. Katie did not have HIV so we signed the Consent.

We found many stories about devastating health changes post-vaccine. These stories are eerily familiar to our daughter’s. The Gardasil vaccine is known to activate latent infections and viruses, such as Epstein Barr and Bartonella. The Gardasil vaccine deregulates the immune system and that allows latent infections and viruses, which were kept in check pre-vaccine by a then properly functioning immune system, to activate post-vaccine. Now, there is evidence that the HPV vaccine is linked to the onset of autoimmune diseases.

We recently consulted Katie’s LLMD and also her Primary Care Physician, who reviewed Katie’s vaccine log and extensive medical records. Both agree that Katie’s immune system was injured by the Gardasil vaccine and that it was the catalyst to her cascading health problems and chronic illness. Katie’s LLMD is now treating her for a vaccine injury in addition to treating multiple tick-borne diseases, other infections/viruses and autoimmune thyroid disease.

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