Grievance Redressal in Co-operative Housing Societies

Grievance Redressal in Co-operative Housing Societies by none other than Shri Devendra Fadnavis Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra J.B.Patel (Jeby) RTI & Housing Societies’ Activist Mobile:9820538570 FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT !


5 Comments on “Grievance Redressal in Co-operative Housing Societies”

  1. satish agarwal says:

    Thanks for such important information from time to time.

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  2. Satish Agarwal says:

    What, if the MC does not allow to form the committee to solve the problems.?

  3. Satish Agarwal says:

    Last Elections are held o. 30/09/10, when the elections are due.

  4. merjusa says:

    During the process of Re-development, the existing building is demolished to construct a new building. Can accumulated sinking fund amount be refunded to the existing members or same proportion of amount towards sinking fund contribution be collected from the new members who are sold flats by the developer ? This is a common problem being faced by all societies undertaking re-development project. Regards. Anil

  5. Jagdip H Vaishnav says:

    Cooperative Housing Society –Mumbai
    Society Committee should not compel member to approach Hon’ble court for avoidable disputes
    Housing Society charge members for Festival Advance, Cultural activities, etc If any member resist ,member appeal gets rejected on plea that such charges are approved in the annual general body meeting. Here what is requested , some member may not be
    in a position to pay such charges, else should approach Court to settle such disputes .

    Unfortunately there is no “Ombudsman’ for Cooperative Housing Societies , nor Deputy Registrar ,cooperative Societies is authorized to instruct Housing Society.

    Member must pay in time monthly maintenance, Property tax, sinking fund etc Which are essential ,mandatory but for other charges member should not be compelled

    If any member make delay in paying maintenance ,Housing Society levy interest , but when Member places deposit required to carry out Renovation of flat or renting out flat ,society do not pay any interest to member for a period ,deposit was kept by the Society.

    Recent circular from Deputy Registrar of Housing society ,compelling member to attend minimum number of Housing society meetings is impracticable, since some member may have left India, some may have let out their flat, some may be shifted outside Mumbai.
    This decision needs re look

    B 806 Jagdip H Vaishnav
    Ekta Terraces coop Housing society Senior Citizen
    Mahavir Nagar
    Kandivali [w]

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