Fix appointments with Government Officers online


There are occasions when we are required to contact a Government officer — be it for the society of the building where you reside, for the ALM of which you or your society is a part of or to address an issue that is causing you concern.
Now Get an Appointment with a Government Officer in just a Few Clicks
With an aim to improve the communication channels between citizens and the bureaucracy, the government of India has launched– an online platform using which anybody can book an appointment with any government officer in any department! Registration The site requires a one-time registration and post that you can book an appointment with any government officer, the list of which is provided under the respective departments.

The website also provides you with an Appointment Status section where you can enter your registration number and get the status of your appointment.
A Welcome Initiative Since launch, the website has already received 7oo+ appointment requests. This is a great use of technology to bring down the barriers between the citizens and the bureaucracy.

Courtesy : Jeby Patel


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