What is Deemed Conveyance ?

We are extremely thankful to CA Shri. Ramesh Prabhu, Chairman, MSWA for forwarding us MSWA News Channel on “You Tube” for Public benefit: 

This video includes answers of following questions:

1. What is deemed conveyance ?

2. What are the advantages of deemed conveyance ?

3. What are the disadvantages of deemed conveyance ?

4. Which are the ways to get conveyance ?

5. Which are the documents are required for conveyance ?

6. What is the meaning of Promoter ?

7. What is the procedure for hearing ?

8. Which acts and rules are applicable ?

9. Which departments have to be visited ?

Here is the Video

Courtesy : Jeby Patel


One thought on “What is Deemed Conveyance ?

  1. Is the Deemed Conveyance legislator justified? Is it the same as adverse possession? What is similar between the two? and what is disparity?

    In the former the person or group of person or Association of persons either purchase units or rent out units from a provider who has the title to put them in possession for a monetary fee.

    In the later a person or group of person enter upon a piece and parcel of Land/property and settle there in with the intention to accquire right and title by default of them being therein over a period of time as permitted by elected representatives who need votes.

    What is the position as per Laws of the Land lord /Land Holder/Land Owner who is the Tax Payer?

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