This Thane man has produced zero garbage in the last 12 years

  • Sixty-five-year-old Kaustubh Tamhankar.
    Sixty-five-year-old Kaustubh Tamhankar.  Pics: Rupali Shinde/iamin
  • A poster on his house’s front door states ‘We Do Not Produce Garbage'
    A poster on his house’s front door states ‘We Do Not Produce Garbage’ 

Sixty-five-year-old Kaustubh Tamhankar has not made trash in the past 12 years. A poster on his house’s front door, infact, states ‘We Do Not Produce Garbage.’

“For the past 12 years, I haven’t produced any garbage. Not a single piece of waste paper accumulated goes into the dustbin,” says the Thane-based man, who fertilises waste at his home.

Tamhankar is making a big difference in his home by recycling. “My wife Sharyu is fond of cleanliness and that made me think of doing something on similar lines for the environment. I observed that waste goes from one dustbin to other and then finally to dumping ground, which ultimately produces air pollution after burning. So I thought of organising waste in a manner, that it will not harm the environment. For starters, I threw away all the dustbins I had in my house. Then, I began to segregate dry waste and wet waste. In my house, none of the family members throw away a single piece of paper, everything goes to the scrap dealers,” Tamhankar explained.

Tamhankar’s balcony has three bags, one for wet waste, other for dry waste and the last one to collect plastic. “Plastic is non-biodegradable. I own Tansa Pvt Company which deals with pipes. Therefore, for manufacturing and delivering purposes, I use these plastic bags for packing,” he added.

Tamhankar sells Avirat Patra (continuous processing equipment) for Rs 900. “This equipment consists one basket which is attached with triangular shaped filter. At the base level, there’s a small pot which collects fertilised soil. Everyday one has to put waste in the basket, and spray water on it. After 4 weeks, one gets fertilised soil ( compost). I have made this equipment and sell it for Rs 900 to interested buyers,” he said. Tamhankar has also written a book explaining the advantages of recycling. The book can be purchased at any cost. “Readers can pay me the amount they feel like. There is no MRP on the book cover. It is available in Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi languages.”

To get in touch with Tamhankar, call 9819745393


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