How to make your child a better investor

He has introduced Aparnna to the basics of banking and encouraged her to learn about financial concepts and investment products. Two years ago, she topped the South zone in the National Financial Literacy Assessment Test (NFLAT). The exam is conducted by the National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) for students of Classes VIII to X and tests basic financial awareness. Now 15, she already knows about the different types of insurance covers and how mutual funds work.

“Knowledge of financial concepts is necessary to succeed in the real world. It is perhaps the best gift you can give to your child,” says her father Rajendra Chaudhari.

Her money quotient:

– Manages her own bank account but has not yet started investing.

– Knowledge of finance came handy when she co-founded a company that makes eco-friendly water sprinklers.

– Conducts Money Tree workshops where she teaches finance to children from the low-income group 


How to make your child a better investor
Neha Chaudhari – 18 years Bengaluru, studying in Class XII. Topped the NFLAT exam in the Western zone in 2013


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