DIY guide to RTI

RTI logo - GavelHere is the link to a Handy Do It Yourself (DIY) guide to RTI. You have various formats, including RTI in local languages, Standard RTI and appeal forms, rules, GRs, Guidelines, Articles by Shailesh Gandhi and other resources.

Must read for RTI activists and great help for the common man who wants RTI to improve Society and his own administration

Click Here for the great resources, painstakingly compiled and owned by G R Vora


One thought on “DIY guide to RTI”

  1. The Aappellatte authority Dy registrar of co op housing society has played mischief with a malicious intention to delay the process
    The modes opperandi is mentioned hereunder, The pio don’t reply to rti application then aggrieved member me made an appeal to appellate authority, he has back dated his reply giving minimum time to complainant, his reply dated 21 June 2016 asking complainant to attend fr hearing on 5 July 2016, the letter is posted through speed post on 29 june 2016 which the complainant received on 30 th June 2016, giving 5 days time to complainant to make him available thus to save their skin they make back dated of 21 June 2016, I made my self prepared to. Attend on 5 July 2016, but unfortunately my brother expired on the same date of hearing and I could not appeared like any other person would have opted to be with the burrial rather than attending to appellate authority, I write a letter asking fr another date but didn’t receive any reply, the appellate authority hand in gloves with pio and the defeat of rti as application to appear fr hearing goes to drains, pl put this in any print mddia

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