CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition (CIRC) in India


CIRC Core Activities

CIRC offers a wide range of programmes aimed at the existing scenario and will cater to the unmet demand of trained personnel in the following areas:

point Economic Regulation
point Competition Policy and Law


The Aim

Their aim is to offer educational and training programmes on the referred subjects, while maintaining international standards

  • Facilitate research to enhance understanding and explore inter-disciplinary linkages among the identified subjects
  • Create and maintain a knowledge database
  • Offer consultancy services to governments, regulators, business, etc.


Customer-Focused Approach

Cater to specific needs by offering customised training programmes.


Who is it meant for?

It focuses on civil servants, staff of regulatory bodies, civil society organisations, researchers, professionals and business. Career aspirants are also amongst the target clients.
The Difference
The Real thing: Local content in course curriculum (real life situations) will be the basis of the study material.
Quality Matters: Global quality standards and Inter-disciplinary approach will form the basis for all disciplines.
Widening Horizons: CIRC will employ a multi-stakeholder approach and in doing so aim to maintain a rich tapestry of resources both in terms of faculty and institutional affiliations.



Lectures, case analysis, interaction with experts are being used as tools to provide strategic understanding, develop core skills and encourage in-depth knowledge of the dynamics involved.
Online courses are being/ will be offered utilising techniques that will be relevant and adapted to the particular needs of recipients. In doing so the aim is to share knowledge, exchange experiences and build networks.

Product Range

Certificate and Diploma Courses for students / practitioners in Competition Law and Economic Regulations
Training courses for practitioners are special features wherein modules are being crafted in specification to their needs and demand.
Conferences/Seminars/Workshops are the media through which the CIRC programme are being promoted. Besides this and much more the Institute will extend professional expertise through Research Journals, Policy Briefs, etc.
CIRC will offer Consultancy services to regulatory bodies, governments and business for better markets.


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