How to Contact Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)



19 thoughts on “How to Contact Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)

  1. Sir, I have been one girl she got nine years old, I asked SBI manager to accept suknya you Jana scheme he dose not accept pay of 14 each year of 1000 after 21 years she got 6.5 lacks if scheme there or not.

  2. हमारे गॉव में एक व्यक्ति गरमजरूआ जमीन पर दुकान बना रहा है इसे रोकने हेतु क्या मै pmo कार्यालय में शिकायत कर सकता हूं

  3. Manniy Pradhan mantri Narendra Modi ji aapse nivedan Hai ki hum sabhi mp school k guest teacher hai. Hum sabhi mp government se nivedan Hai ki we hame regular kare ya, departmently exa lekar hame jaldi hi hamare future ko surshhit kare. Aaj hum sabhi 3000 me femily, bachcho ki padai ghar ka kharch kaise chalaye, mp government na 2011 se teacher bharti nikali Hai please hum sabhi k bare me soch kar mp government se bat kijiye thanks

  4. मोदी जी से निवेदन,
    मेरा आपसे तहे दिल से निवेदन है कि भारत मे जितनी भी खेल की टीमें है, क्यों ना जब भी उनका मंगलवार को मैच हो तो टीम के सभी प्लेयर भगवा रंग की जर्सी पहनें। और भगवा रंग की जर्सी पहनकर मैदान में उतरे। मेरी आपसे यही आशा रहेगी कि आप मेरे इस विचार पर अवश्य गौर करेंगे।
    जय श्री राम🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


  6. Modi Ji se nivedan, Mera modi ji se teh dil se nivedan hain ki hamara gaanv (village) -mandrella, tehasil – chirawa, district- Jhunjhunu,state – Rajasthan me vikas ka naamo nishan bhi nahi ho raha hain, Vajah hain vanha ki sadak (road) vyavastha.yanha per sadak (road) bahut hi khrabab Tathaa tuti – phuti hain Modi Ji Dr nuvedan hain ki aap yanha me jila prashasan ko aadesh Dekar mandrella gaanv me nai sadak banvaye

  7. Sir I have complaint regarding daaru mafia in Alipur, Delhi. Residential area mein openly daaru bikti h, lekin koi action nhi leta. So please look into this matter.

  8. Respected Sir
    Sub: Discrepancy in the service settlement amount made by M/s Survival Technologies Pvt Ltd, Plot No. 9110/1, Opp. Ion Exchange Factory, GIDC Estate, Ankleshwar, Gujarat-393002, India
    This is Dr Shivaprakash S, Basically Synthetic Organic Chemistry background by profession from Bangalore, Karnataka. I am having 20+ years of Industrial Research experience from several organizations which includes M/s HIKAL, M/s Syngene International Pvt. Ltd. (Biocon Unit), M/s Rallis (India), M/s Sanmar Specialty Chemicals and more,

    Recently i.e. 1st Dec 2015, I joined the M/s Survival Tech. Pvt. Ltd as a Group Leader- Chemical R&D division (Unit 1) which is located at GIDC Estate, Ankleshwar, Gujarat-393002., But the main interview and selection conducted at Mumbai Head office by Vijay K Agrawal (Chairman of the organization) Address: Survival Tech. Pvt. Ltd., 1401 A, Naman Midtown, Near Indiabulls Financial Centre, Elphinstone Road Station west, Senapati Bapat Marg, Mumbai 400 013. During interview Mr. Vijay K Agrawal promised me many things which cover salary (CTC) and other benefits of the company. Note that all these discussions (verbal) happened confidentially b/w me and chairman at his cabin, Also Chairman insisted me not to disclose anything with anybody in the organization as these +benefits will be provided only to few scientific staffs and may not reflect in the Offer letter or Appoint Letter, I trusted him because he is aged and well experienced person like that. – Initial E-mail correspondence dated 16-10-2015 is attached;
    Real issue stated here

    Actually the day on 18th Jun 2018, Mr. Jaideep- one of the HR at Unit-1 of survival Tech. Pvt. Ltd. (Factory), said about 3.0PM that management has decided to give lay off to 40+ employees including me as the financial situation of the company is not good??? And organization has no fund for further payment to the employees??? Also said that management is willing to pay 3 months’ salary as a compensation which has written in my agreement letter (Salary break up and conditions are in the attached Appointment Letter vide reference No. STPL/HRM/APPTL/2015-16/12/01 dated 07th Dec 2015) with all other dues at the earliest date. – This was discussed confidentially, but he refused to give in writing Instead insisted me (including many other employees on behalf of management) and asked to submit resignation on own otherwise company will issue relieving letter with termination notice which could affect the future career…This was very unethical way of working practice from the management because I had delivered more than 20 projects in my 2 ½ years gap and all these projects were completed based on management requirement within their time frame, I have not received any single remarks over my work during these period from anyone to whom I was reporting (Chairman, MD and unit head) (if company has document they can prove me as under performer If at all), if they had informed earlier about this situation then we would have planned for that…… Because of them I am now jobless

    By considering all his words, I submitted my resignation (forcibly without any option) from my position as Group Leader –R&D and got relieved on the same date at 6.0PM (Note that such practices never seen in my career by any of my previous Organizations and this was my first experience with such unethical firm).

    But after a gap of 90+ days I received full and final settlement letter from the company [Attached letter No STPL /HRM/ F&F/09/2018-19/05 dated 07th Sep 2018 and no details provided for the amount of Rs 2, 45,047/-(Two lakh forty five thousand and forty seven rupees only)] saying that management agreed only one month settlement as a compensation with all other dues. – This was explained by Mr. Prakash- HR from H.O., Mumbai Over phone on 26-09-2018 at around 2.0PM, but I expressed my strong objections and requested him to rectify and send back the revised settlement amount as per agreed words. Subsequently on next day i.e. 27-09-2018, I sent a mail to company HR’s official E-mail and other concerned people including Chairman of the company, and requested them to settle the dues as per the agreement (also agreed words) on priority basis without any deviations.

    By seeing all these fraud play from the employer, I am highly surprised that how an Organization in India more specifically M/s Survival Technologies Pvt Ltd, located in Ankleshwar, a Gujarat based organization works by cheating employees like this (making such frauds with employees)??, and how govt. will allow such companies to work without taking any actions ??

    Hence, my sincere request to concerned person Please look into this issue and get me a justice on priority so that rest of the honest employees should not suffer from this type of fraud managements.

    Note that whatever happened with me by company is true and I am honestly making allegations nothing is being narrated

    Apart from my personal interest, I have few points to raise against Survival Tech Pvt Ltd. As per my knowledge with that company of more than 30 months association, I noticed that this organization never followed safety practice, mainly employees safety at the work place. Actually safety would be top most priority for any chemical units – Due to that every year at least 1 or 2 worker give-off their lives and some gets injury but these Accident / Incidents may not be recorded in company’s safety register. somehow management close the issues by bribing Govt. Officials or by other means. Also, Company never minds in controlling Effluents and its discharge. It would be freely sent out to common drainage (outside to the company) and have no govt. Norms…, like that many points can be addressed if right person inspect the company. – These are only information, not to have any benefits

    Hope I can expect justice soon

    Thanking you with Regards

    Dr Shivaprakash.S

  9. Sir,
    My Daughter Durga Banerjee 17 years is special child with CP is in ICU ventilator at Apollo under Dr Anoop Kohli who had been treating him with all sincerity is very critical condition due to Aspiration.Though her lung infection is being controlled but due to epilepsy she slips back & unable to extubate.These has been prolonged for 12 days having been to initially Khetarpal then to Fortis now 4 days in Apollo.Still there is unsurity of the case getting prolonged our all resources r getting exhausted since such child does not have medical cover.
    My self 61& oo Cancer remission made our life a worst nightmare one can imagine.
    I plead with you please help us come off this crisis it too late.Till now we spent almost 8 lacs from my lifelong savings with no end in near future but bleek Ray of Hope at Appollo.
    Kammlesh Banerjee.

  10. आदरणीय मा०प्रधानमंत्री जी
    आँगनबाड़ी को प्री० प्राइमरी मे समायोजित करके मानदेय बढा़ दीजिए।
    पोषाहार को बन्द कर दिया जाय । या सरकारी सस्ते गल्ले की दुकान (कोटेदार) से माह मे एक दिन आगनबाड़ी व ग्राम प्रधान के संयुक्त निगरानी मे वितरित किया जाय ।
    इससे प्रा० शिक्षा मे गुणात्मक सुधार होगा ।

  11. Sir ap tu grib ke li a he.sir plz moje Sel ne ke li a Jo vi ho ak job di JI na sir .hamara ghr ko koi aadmi ko srkari job nehi he.ak grib lerka ka sath mera sadi huw.aavi mera ak lerki vi ak p.v.t school me teacher krta hu mera selari 2000.sel ne ki but digdari huw he.plz sir help me.

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