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  1. Mobile Lost Complaint

    Name : Bunty K Sharma
    Age : 35 Years Old
    Complaint : Mobile Lost
    Mobile Model : Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 128.GB Black Color
    Mobile Price : 70900/-
    Mobile IMEI No : 357856080119260
    Mobile thiefing Date and Time : 22/03/2018 18:30.PM
    FIR Date and Time : 23/03/2018 11:01.AM
    ACR No : 700/2018
    Kalam : 379
    SDE No : 19/2018

    Respected Sir/Mam
    My self Bunty K Sharma, Age 35 Years old, I have complaint regarding lost mobile phone,
    I’m working in Santacruz East and travel everyday Ulhasnagar to Santacruz, same like everyday on 22nd march 2018 I was at santacruz station was waiting for my train in evening 6:30 pm when train comes I caught train but at the same time behind of me one person not person he was bustard thief he pick pocket my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 128.GB Mobile Phone, in 1 mint I lost my mobile and all data all contact numbers all my personal photos my all memories I lost in 1 mint, I was waited for 1 year to buy that mobile and i for that mobile I toke big loan from my office and every month I’m paying EMI from my salary, but in one mint I lost everything mobile price is 70900/- INR, I registered FIR in Bandra railway Police Station and I was crying full day night for that police people was supporting me very nicely, they registered my FIR but my qusn is why this is happening why our government not taking any strict actions on this matter, Sir I’m not a rich man I’m middle class person, I know you will say if you middle class then why you buying 70900/- ka Mobile because they police also told me same think what it means we working for our dreams so we can’t buy anything because of that kind of bustard thief’s, they just doing nothing and thieving us and we just see we can’t do anything, I submitted mobile IMEI Number Bill and everything but they said not have chance to get mobile so it means now I lost that so again I have to wait for 2 years to buy another mobile phone because before 2 years I can’t buy because I have to clear my company loan first, this is not expectable with IMEI Number Mumbai Police can find that but I got answer there is no surety to get my mobile, now I don’t have any other option if I not get my mobile I will do suicide because I don’t have any other option in this year I lot this 2nd mobile phone now I can’t bare more loss, so please it’s my humble request please please take my case seriously otherwise I will die and my family will suffered just for some bustard thief’s, so please help me and like me other peoples I know Mumbai police is the best Police really you can do anything so please I have biggest hope on you people please.

    Thanking You

    Bunty K Sharma

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