One thought on “BMC cannot disconnect water supply as punishment

  1. Our is a registered co op. hsg. society situated at Andheri(W). In our society having one flat in the names of Mr. A & Mrs.B jointly. They have two son. Elder one is married. Mr. A is expired. I think, Mr. A has not nominated to any body. After his death, his wife Mrs,B has nominated her two son with 50%-50%, but she has not done any procedure to transfer her husband’s portion to her married son. Now she wants her daughter-in-law be a member instead her elder son.
    Pl. guide us on following points—–
    1] What is the procedure to transfer the share certificate in Mrs. B’s name as Mrs. B’s husband has not nominated to any body?
    1] Without Mr. A’s nomination, can Mrs. B nominate her two son after her husband’s death?
    1] Can Mrs. B’s daughter-in-law become a member of the society directly without nomination?
    2] What is the procedure to adopt daughter-in-law as a member?

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