Forget Bullet Trains, Help Fight TB Instead: Dr Udwadia

“Tuberculosis is Ebola with wings. It does not differentiate between the driver in the front of the Mercedes to the CEO in the back or between the maid in the kitchen and the memsahib in the living room. It kills an Indian every minute.”

As a lead up to World Tuberculosis Day, TED has released India’s first Ted Talk on TB by Zarir F Udwadia, a leading chest physician from Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.

He highlights India’s TB problem, which persists in epidemic proportions, terming it the country’s biggest public health issue.

One indian dies of this disease every minute. Dr. Zarir Udwadia shares the story of the suffering of one patient diagnosed with Totally Drug Resistant -Tuberculosis (TDR-TB). And unfortunately,succumbing to it.


One thought on “Forget Bullet Trains, Help Fight TB Instead: Dr Udwadia

  1. Totally agree with Dr. Udwadia. We do not have the basics in place and are trying to get in the Bullet Train!! Travelling from Borivali to Churchgate takes more than 50 minutes by train and will takes more than Two and a Half hours by road!! The encroachments and slums need to be cleaned up- these have been encouraged by the Politicians themselves as a VoteBank to secure themselves! The illegal constructions leading to bottlenecks do not get demolished for decades. The six hour ride in train from Borivali to Ahmedabad is good enough for us. No need to show off the Bullet Train. Even this will slow down later on and be an embarrassing issue. Instead, improve the medical and emergency facilities on a war-footing.

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