Charity Beds for the poor is an initiative by a group of young individuals who are disturbed by the discrimination faced by the under privileged at private hospitals in the city. We are a team of young professionals across various industries who feel there is a lack of accurate information and awareness about what the law stipulates and the ground reality. Our aim is to also provide information to other charitable institutions and organisations working with the underprivileged, on where they can go for free medical care.

Private hospitals in Delhi have been allotted prime land for Rs 1 an acre as against a market value of 20 – 80 crores an acre, in return for this, the government made it compulsory for them to offer 10 % beds with ALL MEDICINES & TESTS INCLUDED and 25% of all OPD- consultation with doctors to be free. Charitybeds, helps all under privileged people achieve healthcare even when they have no money. A lot of private hospitals have joined hands with us and are actually working with us to fulfil their social responsibility. We do not charge anything, our only role is to facilitate and save lives, wherever we can.

We help patients when someone calls us, we go to government hospitals and pick up patients from there, we help people reaching private hospitals directly. We help people who have BPL ( Below the poverty line) cards and people who do not have any card as they are not aware because they are so poor. works along with Ritinjali, a volunteer-based organization that is firmly rooted in its philosophy of providing a helping hand wherever needed, to anticipate social and community issues and to promote responsible citizenship. Mr. Arun Kapur, Founder,Ritinjali, is a key partner with His team includes Mr. Naveen Pabla and Mr. Ashish Alex have supported us in creating was born out of the vision of Mr Kapil Chopra, President,The Oberoi Group. His leadership has brought the initiative together and it is his passion and commitment to the cause that is the key driving force behind this initiative.

Mr. Lalit Bhatia one of the key people heading the initiative has been a social worker for over 25 years and offers his expertise and knowledge in multiple social welfare domains.He works closely with senior citizen welfare schemes and works full time with They visit hospitals daily, creating awareness and till date have distributed over 30,000 flyers and run a poster campaign along with awareness camps in every major hospitals. Gagan works along with Mr Bhatia to ensure that we can even help more people, Gagan is an aspiring filmmaker and a photographer who is passionate about social causes and you can also check out his patient testimonial videos on the website. In addition to this,we have volunteers who come and work with us on a daily basis.You will find our people in all hospitals across Delhi everyday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

We need your help,call us and volunteer a day with us, spread the word, tell friends, tell journalists, post on Facebook, let us get the message out. Everyday, inspite of all our efforts, only 400 out of 653 free beds get utilised, everyday,someone dies because they did not have money to buy medicines or get medical care. We are racing against time, help us to reach more people. It is the least we can do for this country. As of now, we operate only in Delhi but patients can come for any part of India and seek our assistance. We soon plan to be in Mumbai where most of the trusts which run hospitals actually do not support any free healthcare inspire of sitting on government land worth crores.

If you would like to contribute for the cause, please call Lalit Bhatia 99990 71842 or Gagan Bharti 7838348237 we need posters and flyers all the time.


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